Why your website will need to be “Mobile Friendly” in 2013

It’s estimated by mid 2013 more people will be accessing 
the internet using mobile devices, overtaking those using
the traditional office or home PC.

This is because sales of these new
devices overtook sales of PC’s
in 2011 and 12 and continue to outsell
as the typical user becomes more mobile using
Smartphones tablets, even smart TV to
access the internet.

More than 32 million tablets were shipped worldwide in the third quarter of 2012,
a 75 percent increase from the same period a year earlier, also 65% of
mobile workers use a tablet , In the US 25 percent of mobile
web users are mobile-only.

Mobile Friendly Websites

This new trend is placing an increasing demand on business to ensure their
websites are Mobile Friendly, this presents two main choices.

1. Create a separate mobile version of their website for mobile users.
2. Or to upgrade their website to a new responsive website.

What is a mobile version?

This is where a lighter version of the website is created specifically
for the Mobile user, this website is hosted on a separate or sub
domain and served to users who access the website via a
mobile device as a separate Website,  this has to
be updated and managed separately.

What is a Responsive website?

A responsive website is a website that employs layouts that are fluid and change
automatically to suite the screen size of the device the website is being viewed on
during each session, In other words, as the user switches from say their desktop
over to their Smartphone while on the road the website should automatically reform
to suite the smaller screen and different layout of the Smartphone.

Google’s recommendations on this topic:
“Our recommendation for Smartphone-optimized sites is to use responsive web design, which means
you have one site to serve all devices”

New specialist upgrade service

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An introduction to Responsive Websites

In the early 21st century, the Internet boom Responsive-Websites
and subsequently an e-commerce boom, made it
mandatory for businesses to have websites and a web presence.

To get more business and to sell their wares businesses came up
with attractive websites. These early websites were heavy
on graphics, had lots of code built into it and took ages to load.
They also catered to standard screen size and standard browsers.

The background and need for Responsive Websites

But now, new devices are hitting the market on a regular basis. Not only do these devices
have varying screen sizes and resolutions, but also varied browsers and other software.
So, sticking to the old way of designing websites will amount to being stuck in the
stone-age in Internet terms. This will amount to Hara-kiri for your business.
It is predicted that by 2014, the number of people browsing the Internet and
doing business via mobile devices will overtake the number of people using traditional desktop usage.

But, with the advancement of technology in other fields, there is advancement in
the field of website design as well. Building a responsive website is the solution to this problem.

What is a responsive website?

A website is said to be responsive when it changes its look and feel, and especially the
size of its content, based on the device that loads it, such that the user has minimum
requirement of scrolling or manually adjusting the size. This resizing includes change
in size of font, buttons and at times even the layout.

Advantages of having a responsive website

So, instead of developing two different websites, one for normal browsers and the
other for mobile devices, you can have just one website catering to all the devices.


  1. Single site to be built – This saves code construction and so saves effort and money spent on creating multiple websites.
  2. Content uniformity and consistency – Updates to content need to be done in only one place and so the problem of different content on two different sites is done away with.
  3. Site Optimization – From a site optimization perspective, Google gets to see only one site and not two sites with similar content. So any issues that may arise because of duplicate content and then barring of the site are made redundant.


How to have a responsive website

The latest technological advancements have made it easier to have a responsive
website. Designers use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to design the look and feel of the
site, including image sizes and font sizes. CSS3 allows you to have different styles for
different types of devices and the appropriate style is chosen by the device.
This enables building of HTML code on the fly based on the device rendering the site.


There are still pros and cons that keep on cropping up from different
sets of people and different schools of thought. It is you, the owner
of the site that has to decide whether you need to have a responsive
site or are you targeting only desktop users.

But, as per Google and its study on keywords and accessing of sites and
site optimization, responsive websites is the way to go in 2013.




Important checklist to establish if you need a website upgrade?

Today’s next generation of websites are Screens-Small
dynamic so their content is fresh and up to date,
this is to feed the ever growing appetite of
today’s consumer who wants the latest
information.  So as a business you need
to ensure you have a dynamic online presence.

Checklist for a Website Upgrade

Not sure if you have a dynamic presence? then we have
compiled a list of important indicators to check
if you need website upgrade to the next generation of dynamic websites.

Is your website a static website?
Traditional static websites are hard coded and need to the intervention of
a developer each time website content needs to be updated, if you find you have to
pay someone else to update your website then you need to consider upgrading to
a next generation dynamic website. These new websites come with a
content management Interface that is accessible online, allowing you and
your staff update your websites content. This will keep your website content
fresh, also your staff motivated and your customers engaged.

2. Are your social media channels up to date with your websites content?
Today’s consumer is web savvy and also very active on social media, in a recent survey
it was established that 78% of consumers trusted peer recommendations
from a friend on social media rather than ad copy direct from the manufacturer.
So having a website that can update your social media channels with the latest product
information is essential as its saves value time and also ensures a consistent message
across all channels.

3. Can your customers share your offers with their Peers?
Todays consumer not only wants the latest information , they also want to
collaborate with you and then also share their experience, so ask yourself; can visitors to your
website share your offers via their preferred social media channel? In other words
are there links to all the top social media channels available on your website so that
your customers can share your offers with their friends?

4. Is your website responsive?
A responsive website can display correctly on a wide range of screen sizes, check how yours displays
on Smartphones, tablets and other new devices. This tool allows you to check what
your customers will see when they visit your website if they are using
an iPhone (the most popular Smartphone).

Test your website here: http://www.testiphone.com

5. That your website is scalable
Finally the internet is fast evolving so you need to ensure your website is
scalable so that it can grow as your business grows. A dynamic website that is
built on top of one of the leading platforms like wordpress will benefit as the platform
is constantly evolving with new updates and features, this will ensure your presence is
always up to date and future proff, so upgrade to a next generation
website to ensure your successful online future.

Upgrade your website today:

Our associates over at NextGen websites can offer next Generation
responsive websites at really competitive rates, they also allow you spread the upgrade
cost over a period of 12 months, so no major upfront costs to incur.

Also the upgrade process is painless so no need for any downtime, they just transfer
your existing content across to the new platform.

Next Generation websites

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6 essential features for a successful Business Website in 2013

If you are starting a new business or looking to upgrade RogersAndWindows8-200x150
an old static website then here are features a successful
website should have in 2013.

You will need a website that has the following features:

1: Has a Content Management System built in

Today’s customers are typically very active on social media, which
they tend to use for feedback and peer reviews, they also expect the
latest product updates so you need to keep your website  up to date,
a web based CMS ( Content Management System )
will enable you to achieve this.

2: Is accessible and responsive to all the new devices out there

In 2013 it’s important to have a website that is compatible with an ever increasing range of portable devices
your customers are using to access the internet today, So ensure your website is mobile-friendly
(responsive) and is accessible to this fast growing user segment who are using everything from
tiny Smartphone screens to widescreen web TV’s to access your website.

3: Can integrate with all of the top social media channels

A website that allows you to push your offers out automatically via the various
Social Media channels like (Twitter & Facebook) will provide an advantage.
So you need to ensure your website can integrate all of the top social media channels
allowing for the automatic publishing of content across multiple channels
from one location; your Website.

4:Is search engine optimised

A website that has a structure that is search engine friendly,
also sitemaps that update themselves automatically when you
complete updates to ensure frequent indexing by the search engines.

5: Allows your customers share your content

Allows your visitors collaborate and share your offers via their preferred social media channels;
this is particularly important as more and more people are using social media
as part of their purchasing decision. Also the search engines have begun to place more
importance and relevance to social media activity. So allowing your customers to share
your information and offers with their peers direct from your website will have a beneficial effect.
So ensure your website is compatible with the top social media services.

6: Has a range of applications available to extend its functionalities
Lot of websites today are built on platforms like WordPress; these platforms have a plethora
of Free plugins or applications available to extend their functionality, so ensure your
website is extendible so that it can grow as your business grows.

In Short:
To summarise everything , you need a website that you or your immediate staff can control
content wise, is accessible to everyone no matter what device they are using to connect to the internet,
its also compatible with all of the latest social media channels, allows your customers
share your offers, can notify the search engines automatically each time you update it,
is extendible and can grow as your business grows.

The solution
Next generation responsive websites are a solution to all of these requirements:

Our associates over at Next generation websites offer a number of choices and
provide a complete service and can help you upgrade your website to the next generation.

New specialist upgrade service
Our associates over at Next generation websites offer a number of choices and
provide a complete service that can help you upgrade your
website to the next generation of responsive websites.

Next Generation websites

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Ten basic steps to successful Website Construction in 2013

Website Construction Tips

If you are starting off in business and you
need to create a website then we have assembled
ten basic steps you will need to take to create
and maintain a successful online presence

Step 1: Set your Proposed website objectives before you begin
your construction

> Decide on its Purpose, also how it will be aligned with your Business.
> Define your online target Market.
> Outline what features your website will need to have.
> What level of accessibility it will need. ( will it need to be available to smartphone users etc )

What type of website you are going to construct

Once you have figured out these issues then consider
what type of website you are going to construct.

At this point you have two main options you can choose.
Both options have their  

1. Option 1: DIY ( Do it yourself )
Build your website using a Free online website creation tool.
There are a number of these tools available today, research and find the best, see our
website creation tool Here.

2.Option 2:Hire a developer to build your website.
Build a bespoke website tailor made to your specific requirements.

Based on your choice the following next steps will need to be completed
by you or by the developer you will hire.

Step 2: Select the domain name.
Choose a domain name for your website, decide on whether its for a
regional or global market, then find a domain register online and register your domain.

Step 3: Get a web host.
You will need a website host, somewhere you can host your website.
Chances are the domain register will also provide a hosting service and a free
Website creation tool all in one package. See our package here

Step 4: Plan your website structure and content
Plan your page names and website navigational structure. If you are using a website creation tool
it will probably supply these elements, otherwise liaise with you developer and plan the
website structure and content.

Step 5: Per-optimize your content
Research the top keywords that you website needs to reflect in terms of your target market,
plan your content, website add copy and images etc.

Step 6: Construct the website
Build your website, using the online website builder or in conjunction with your developer.
Insert your content.

Step 7: Integrate with social media channels.
Create facebook and twitter pages, integrate these into your website.

Step 8: Market and Promote your website
List your website details on your business cards and other stationery, add your websites details
to the top online directories and search engines. Also Bid for your important keyphrases
on the main search engine to drive targeted traffic to your website

Step 9: Run your website
Update your content and engage with your customers.

Step 10: Maintain your website
Maintain your website, ensure its remains compliant with all latest standards in accessibility.




10 CSS Resources to assist you in website design

With CSS or Cascading style sheets playing an important role in the future of website design, content management and presentation we have compiled a list of 10 CSS resources that can be useful in building up your CSS web skills.

1. CSS Tricks – http://css-tricks.com/

2. Noupe Design Blog - http://www.noupe.com/css/

3. NYPL Online Style Guide – http://legacy.www.nypl.org/styleguide/

4. W3C CSS2 Specification – http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS2/

5. CSS-Discuss – http://www.css-discuss.org/

6. A List Apart – http://www.alistapart.com/topics/code/css/

7. CSS Zen Garden – http://www.csszengarden.com/

8. CSS Cheat Sheet V2 – http://www.addedbytes.com/cheat-sheets/css-cheat-sheet/

9. Deploy* – http://seaneill.com/deploy/

10. Blueprint – http://www.blueprintcss.org/

With the above resources you should have a good understanding of CSS and how to apply it
to your website projects in the future

Call Techstore  on 1890 245345 or complete our online enquiry form for more details and advice.




10 Usefull links for WordPress plugins

WordPress has become one of the most user friendly website Wordpress
CMS (content management systems) over the past few years.

It started off as just a very useful blogging software platform
but has developed with the aid of the open source
community into a very strong website CMS platform.

One of the key aspects of this web community development has been
to create a large range of plugins that can be installed and used with WordPress.

So what is a plugin?
WordPress plugins are computer software programmes written or designed to
add additional functionality to the WordPress CMS platform.

They can be accessible on the WordPress website   and are installed
via the WordPress admin area. These plugins can be free to
down load while some are from premium website.

Some of the most useful wordpress plugins are listed below as:

  1. Google Sitemaps Generator
  2. Ultimate Tag Warrior
  3. Add to Del.icio.us
  4. WordPress Database Backup
  5. Subscribe To Comments
  6. Related Posts
  7. Akismet
  8. wp-shortstat
  9. Gravatar
  10. Search Hilite

If you would like assistance with setting up your website and the use of a WordPress CMS
we can provide you with the technical and admin suppo you need to achieve this.




The advantages of dynamic websites VS static websites

If you are working with a website development
company on a site for your business you may
be asked whether you want a dynamic website
or a website that is static.

Usually, the cost of a dynamic website website will be somewhat
higher than a static site of the same size.

You may be wondering whether it is worth the additional cost.
Here are some advantages that a dynamic site has over a static site.

It will inspire repeat visits

A static website can be quite informative but you may find that potential customers
will only visit a couple of times and then stop.

Why did they quit visiting?
They perhaps realized that the information on your site did not change from the first visit to the last one.
They may have read about what you have to offer and moved on to another more dynamic website.
If you want customers to buy from your site, you need to ensure that potential customers are not going elsewhere.

Your customers get a personalized experience when visiting your site
A dynamic website will alter its contents in response to input from visitors.
This can give them the feeling of a highly personalized web surfing experience.
This can inspire customer loyalty and increase the likelihood that visitors will purchase
or book the goods and services that you are offering.

There are many different ways that this can be accomplished.
You may want to include an area on your virtual storefront which shows the
items that have been viewed recently or a function where repeat customers are greeted by name.
You can work with a website development company and decide which will work best for your needs.

Your site will not look stale as quickly if it is a dynamic website
One of the biggest problems with static websites is that they begin to look stale or dated fairly quickly.
This can bore viewers and cause them to look elsewhere for new information.
While it is true that a dynamic site will look dated in time, it usually
takes longer than it would with a static website.
Website Design
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How to get a dynamic website
Getting a dynamic website is not as difficult as one might think.
An increasing number of website development companies are offering to develop these kinds of sites.
Pricing will vary depending on how large the site is as well as how complex you want the dynamic structure to be.
The more complicated it is to build, the higher the price will be.

You need to make sure that you are clear about how you want your site to function and what you want it to look like.
Check a company’s portfolio to see if you like their work. Click on any links to make sure that the sites are functional.

This can help you weed out unsuitable companies before any money changes hands.
If you know that there are specific things that you want your site to be able to do, make
sure you mention this before the project begins. It may change the price but can also
save time and money because you will not be allowing your website development team to
go in the wrong direction when building your site.

Our Website development Services
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Advantages of using a CMS- to power your new website

If you are working with a website development
company they may ask you whether you want a
CMS for your website.

Unless you understand what a CMS is and the role that it plays in
how your website functions you may not be able to make an informed decision.
Here is some information that should make it easier to decide whether to
include a CMS in the construction of your company’s website.

What is a CMS?
CMS is short for content management system.
This is basically a program which gives you the ability to add, remove or edit images
and sections of text that have been placed on a website. This gives the owner of the
website much more control over their site than they would have if they did not have a CMS.
Here are some of the advantages that these programs can offer you.

You have more control over your own site
When you have a content management system built into your website you have
much more control over the contents of the site itself. Quite simply, you can
make changes yourself instead of needing your web developer to make the changes for you.

This is advantageous for several reasons.
Website Design

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Your site can be updated frequently
This is a huge advantage, especially if you have a dynamic website that responds to user input.
Without frequent content changes, both dynamic and static websites can rapidly become stale.
If you want users to return to your site repeatedly you need to make sure that
the contents are refreshed on a regular basis.

A CMS can save you money
A CMS can save your company money. In the past, individuals would need to pay
their site development company to update the contents of their website.
This could really add up over the span of a website’s life. For some small businesses,
that may have meant that they needed to leave the content on longer than they would have liked to.
With a CMS, however, a business can perform this task for themselves and therefore save
money while still keeping current data visible to their clients.

Changes can be made in a timely fashion
This is also important for many companies. If you need to add pictures and text you can do so.
Removing old information is just as easy. If you are offering products on your website you
will want to be able to add information about your products and services that are currently
available and remove information on products which you no longer offer.
With a CMS you can perform these tasks yourself.

What to look for in a CMS
There are several things to look for in a CMS. The main thing is that it is easy to understand and utilize.
If you can’t figure out how to use a CMS you may end up allowing your web site to become outdated.
The other thing to look for is that it gives you control over the areas you want to change.

This may sound elementary but it is very important. Make sure your website development
company knows which areas you want to be able to alter before your site has been built.
They may need to structure or build it in a specific way for that to be possible.

Our Website development Services
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The importance of updating the content of your website

How frequently you update your website can affect
its performance. The best websites that perform
well in the search engine results are not only
designed to a high standard but have strong content
and frequent content updates.

Your visitors needs
Your site should be directed towards the needs of the people
you are hoping will visit it, and so careful consideration
should be made as to whether the site does this, or should be amended so that it will.

Think about your demographic.
Are you hoping to attract visitors of a certain age or from a particular industry?

Think about the kind of language you are using.
Is it loaded with technical terminology or too complex for the average visitor to understand?

Will your visitors visit regularly?
It is good to have an understanding of the frequency with which you would like,
or are expecting, your visitors to visit. If you imagine that they will visit on a regular
basis then you might want to think about updating your Website’s content regularly too.

Will they take action?
If you are hoping that your visitors will take some form of action whilst visiting your site then how will you encourage them to do it? Does the content call the visitor to take that action, and if not, how will you do this? The language you choose should be motivational for the visitor so that they will take the action you are hoping they will.

What language to use
Ensuring that your content reaches out to the visitors you want to attract is essential. Think about the content of your site and how you are going to do this. If you are hoping to achieve sales through your website then your content should represent this in that it should discuss what you are hoping to sell and why it should be bought. The language you use should be informative and factual to create interest, but also persuasive and encouraging so that your visitors will want to actually buy your products.

When thinking about what keywords to include, try out a search for something similar yourself. Try different search engines and enter different keywords. Keyword density and search engine optimisation can be complicated and many businesses employ the services of SEO firms to handle this aspect of their website’s development.

What is the competition doing?
It’s always a good idea to benchmark. Look at your competitors’ sites and what they have included in their content. Make sure they don’t have the advantage because they have included something that you haven’t thought of.

Keeping the ideas that worked
When overhauling your website to update or improve it, it might be tempting to rubbish everything you have built so far and completely make it over. Look at what you already have and take from it anything that you have found to work well. If you have aspects of your current site that are successful then it may be wise to keep them and take them forward.

As you put together your ideas for updating your website, organise your thoughts carefully so as to prioritize the different aspects you are thinking of including. Imaginative and thoughtful content always proves popular so be sure to remain as creative as possible throughout the planning stages.

Our Website development Services
We offer an extensive range of website development services with which includes website design,
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How links and content can improve the position of your site in search engine rankings

Rather than try to continuously update the 
content of your website, why not consider adding
search engine optimised keywords and phrases
so as to appeal to a wider audience and rank in
a greater number of search engines.

A search engine will acknowledge the number of links that are
contained within the site and how often the content is refreshed.

As such, it is important to keep your topics relevant and current,
reinforcing them with new text and links. You may even wish to
monitor your content for trends such as peaks and troughs.

Search engines recognise the sites that have recently updated their
content and are more likely to rank these higher in the search. In addition,
a search engine will show preference to sites that use blogging or RSS feeds,
and so having these capabilities can increase the number of hits you receive per day.

Keywords and Keyword Density
To perform well in an internet search for a popular keyword, your
site should have two things; plenty of content, and plenty of internalised
and externalised links. Your content must be trusted and sound as though it has authority.

Links between your site and other sites, as well as the regularity
with which the keyword is mentioned in the text, are used to measure
the authority of your domain. If your domain is particularly authoritative,
a blog may last up to a month, during which time links to the blog can build
so that the strength and position of the site can rise in the ranks.

Reaching the right keyword density is difficult for a website to do, but if the
balance is struck, a site can increase the authority of its domain, whilst sustaining its traffic.

It takes trust and quality content to move a site up the search engine results.
Whilst algorithmically the site may be perfect, and all of the links and
content are in place, you may find it difficult to move your site up the ranks.
More than likely, this is a result of a lack of trust, which takes time to gain.

Improving your Website ranking
Whatever the reason is for the lack of movement, it is possible to correct the
problem by going back to the drawing board. A self-diagnostic can be performed
whereby various measurements can be taken so that it is possible to see what is
working about the site and increase performance in this area.

For instance, the RSS feed, keywords, content, links, and phrases can all be
looked at and assessed. Reinforcing the keywords that are used can always
help to prevent your site from falling off the search engine radar.

We offer a range of internet market services including
search engine optimisation and other website promotion
services, See more here




Elements of website design that may be of interest to your school or organization

If you run a school or a not for profit organization,
you may want to consider hiring
professional website design services.

There can be a number of advantages to having a website
that has different elements of good website design.

Not every feature that is of use to businesses may
be of use to not-for-profit organizations or
educational institutions but here are a few that may.

Online Calendar
An online calendar can be one element that many well designed websites utilize.
If you utilize a calendar that is easy to update as part of your website design
you can let students and group members know about upcoming classes, meetings and events.

If you do choose to add a calendar as one of the features of your website design
make sure that you are able to update or alter it yourself. This can save a lot of time
and expense over needing to constantly speak to your web designer about the
updates or changes that they need to make.

Online Photo Albums
Many companies use photographs in their website design as a way for them to
promote the products that they sell and the services that they offer.

A school or other organization can benefit from this feature as well.
If you are a charitable organization that is organizing local fundraising
events displaying photographs can be a great way to build hype for your next event.

People may be more willing to get involved with a school or group that
seems more active and it can be a fantastic way to get people to
participate in events that take place on a recurring basis.

Links to Blogs or Other Sites

If your local organization is part of a larger overall organization, putting
links up to that organization’s site may really help you to promote your group.

If, for example, you are running a support group that is dealing with a specific
disease or life challenge, you have the option of either linking to a website for
a parent organization so that people can access information that way or using
a content management system to include important information that you want your members to know.

Website Design

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As you can see, there are many different ways that good website design can benefit
your organization even if it is not a conventional business.

By finding a website design company that is familiar with your kind
of organization you have a better chance of getting a
site that fully meets your needs.

Our Website development Services
We offer an extensive range of website development services
which includes website design, website redesign
and website upgrades, Click here




CPanel- can this program help your webmaster manage your site?

You may have heard of a program called CPanel
but unless you are a webmaster, there is a good
chance that it is something that you have never heard of.

This is because it is only generally used on a remote server that
is being used to host websites. Because it can be helpful to
know the ins and outs of how your webmaster manages your site,
here is some information on cPanel that you should know.

What does cPanel do?
At its most basic, the program is a Unix based system that is used
as a fully automated hosting platform that provides point and click functionality.

CPanel is capable of doing many different things, many of which can help a webmaster
manage a site much more easily and quickly. Some of the tasks which can be performed
with cPanel include management of email messages, database maintenance,
management of website files and even web site visitor tracking.

Website Design

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Within the realm of email management, message filtering and protection can be much easier to accomplish.
As well, the program can be used to create and apply passwords and filter email in order to
prevent unwanted messages from getting through. Even new accounts can be
created all through the use of this one program.

Site statistics and SEO
Search engine optimization is something that is vital to a site’s success.
It is difficult to perform search engine optimization without information
on how the site is performing. cPanel can provide information that is
vital to search engine optimization methods.

Using it, a webmaster is able to see who is visiting a particular site,
when they are accessing the information and how long they stay on the site.
This can then be used by the people who own the site in order to make it more
appealing to search engines. The resulting climb in rankings can help
ensure a site is as successful as possible.

Content management and Database functionality

There are other ways that cPanel can help your site be as successful as possible.
File manipulation is much easier and this, in turn, means that content management
functionality is also enhanced. Uploading from a home computer to a server,
downloading from the server to a computer and changes to content
are easy to perform using the program.

Many sites have various databases that need to be updated regularly. Using cPanel,
the databases pertaining to a specific site can be altered, expanded or changed
in other ways in order to make sure that the site is as relevant as possible.

As you can see, there are many different things that can be
accomplished all through the use of cPanel. By ensuring that your website management company utilizes this program you are ensuring that the webmasters
employed by it can care for your website and address all of its hosting needs.

If you are currently setting up a server of your own, you may find it
easier to manage the websites that are hosted on that server if you install this program.


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Can the use of flash benefit your web development project?

If you have been listening to Apple fanatics,
you may think that Flash is on its way out
when it comes to websites.

This is actually not the case. In fact, an increasing
number of websites are continuing to use Flash animation
and the program is still one of the best to use when
you want to add visual interest to any website development project.

What Flash does
Flash is capable of adding animated segments to a website that would otherwise
be static and visually uninteresting. Some take the form of small, animated
areas and others take the form of flash games that relate to your
company and the products or services that it provides.

They all can make someone sit up and take notice of your site and
make it easier to convert clicks to sales because they can keep a
prospective client’s interest long enough for you to sell them what you are offering.

Flash concerns: are they valid?
One thing that many customers worry about is whether an area of
Flash animation will slow down the speed with which their website can load.
In the past, it was thought that Flash animation would really bog down how
quickly a website would load. It was thought to be particularly bad in
circumstances where users had slow connection speeds. It has now been
proven that this is not the case.

There is now no reason why you cannot use
Flash to make your website much more visually appealing.

Can Flash help with SEO?

Many companies do not realize that Flash animation can actually contribute to higher SEO rankings.
The fact is that word of mouth can often cause a larger number of users to visit a particular website.
What draws them to certain websites? Often, it is Flash animation.

Depending on the type that is used, it can actually bring them
back again and again, especially if a company keeps their website
development project looking fresh and new by changing up their animation from time to time.
Website Design

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Because you are getting a larger number of hits from both first-time
and repeat users, your SEO rankings will increase.
When used in combination with other SEO methods it can really
help to skyrocket a website to the top of search results.

What to be careful of
Of course, there are things that you should be careful of.
You should never simply include Flash animation for its own sake. Instead,
you need to find ways to use animation in a way that it will promote your company,
its products or its services. Items such as flash banners can also help you to incorporate
advertising that will also increase your site revenue.

When selecting a website design or development company, you need to make sure
that they have experience working with Flash.

An inexperienced developer may create a piece of animation that
not only fails to promote your company but which may actually end up
destroying the feel of your website and driving away the very
customers that you are hoping to attract.

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Should you incorporate testimonials in your next web development project?

There are many different aspects or
areas that you may want to incorporate into
your next website design project.

One that you may want to consider is the testimonial.
A testimonial section can benefit your company
in many different ways.

Here is a look at some of the most common.
They may just cause you to be interested in adding a
section such as this when it is time to build or rebuild your website.

What is a testimonial?
A testimonial is a written statement or comment that a customer makes.
People often leave testimonials about products or services that they
feel particularly strongly about.

Although many people think that a testimonial should not be solicited the
truth is that some of the best ones have been written in response to a
company’s request for customer feedback. Regardless of whether a testimonial
is talking about a product or service that your company offers or they are
talking about the less tangible qualities that your company excels at,
testimonials can be very effective.

Why can it be a beneficial part of your website?
Potential customers are often drawn more strongly to a company that
they feel they have a connection with. If you include customer testimonials
you may find that you are putting a human face on your company and that you
will get more of a response than if you had simply designed a nice site with
very little that is personal about it. If customers feel that they get a human
feeling from your company they are more likely going to purchase from you
or use your company’s services instead.

Website Design

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The key is to use the right kind of testimonial on your website.
They need to sound real and honest rather than sounding as though
they are fake or forced. It is also important that they seem relevant
and talk about something that actually refers to your business.
A random testimonial that does not seem to have anything to do with
your company may also fail to help you connect with your clients.

Elements of a good testimonial
There are a few things that make a good testimonial even better.
The first is that they are specific. They do not have to talk about a product,
they can also talk about another quality that your company exhibits.
However, it is important that you talk about specific features rather
than making a general statement about how amazing your company is.

It can also make a testimonial seem more realistic if there is a name
and some general information included with them. It is true that this
is something that can be altered or added but if the testimonials seem
realistic it will often seem less likely that this was done. A successful
company is one that gives the impression of being honest and upfront rather
than adding anything or hiding any details.

Whether you want to use testimonials on your site is up to you.
You may find, however, that by adding this personal, human touch
that it becomes easier to market your company using your website.

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Is outsourcing your website development needs a good idea?

Many companies are beginning to outsource 
their website development projects rather
than going with an in-house team of specialists.

While this may seem like a good idea, it is
important for you to consider the many different
ramifications that can arise from this decision.

Here is some information that you may want to consider
before you decide whether or not you want to outsource
your next website development project.

Why outsourcing makes sense
There are many reasons why outsourcing can make sense for some companies.
If you operate a small or medium sized business, you may not be able
to afford support services such as website development or design.

By outsourcing you will get rid of the need to have a full time website
developer on staff. Many website development companies will also be
able to help you with routine maintenance so that when your site needs
updating or even an overhaul, they will be able to help you out.

Because you are only paying them for the time they are actually
putting into your project you will save money in the long run.
If you have decided that you do not want to have a website developer on staff
you will need to begin to find one that can help you with your website development project.
Here are some tips that you can use to tell whether a particular website development
or design company will be able to give you the site you are looking for.

How easy will it be for you to communicate with them effectively?
It is important for you to be able to communicate effectively with your website development company.
You need to be able to tell them what you are looking for, what aspects or features you
need most and what you like, or do not like, about a design that you have been presented with.

You want to make sure you are dealing with a company that is willing and
able to communicate with you on a continuing basis, throughout the design,
coding and launch phases of your website.

If you want to speak with people directly it can be helpful for you to find a company that is
either in the same time zone as yourself or which has representatives that can be reached on a
twenty-four hour a day basis. Otherwise you may find that you will need to communicate
using email or by leaving voice mail messages. This does not mean that you will have
communication problems but it may mean that the design and development
process is slowed down somewhat.

It is always a good idea for you to not only look at a company’s portfolio but also
to speak with or communicate in some way with past clients in order to find
out whether a company really is too good to be true.
By carefully considering each website development company and what
they can offer you it will be much easier for you to find the service Provider who will
give you the site you have been hoping for.

It will also help you avoid companies that may not be able to
deliver on what they have said they will be able to do for your company.

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Is a minimalist Website Design right for your company?

Everyone has seen a site that features minimalist website design. 
These sites are often very simple and look extremely clean.
If they are properly constructed they can be a powerful
marketing and sales tool that can also be extremely
cost effective for you to use as well.

Here is a look at minimalist website design and factors that
you should consider when determining whether
or not it is right for your needs.

What minimalist website design focuses on
There are a few key areas that website development experts focus
on in a minimalist website design. Unlike many sites that choose
elements for their decorative ability only, a minimalist site
demands that each element perform an important function as well.

While it does not mean that a website design will avoid
the use of images or graphics, their presence is there for a reason.
One key example of a minimalist website development project that uses
a lot of images is a site for a photographer. The site may be image heavy,
but the pictures or graphics are there for a reason.

Website Design

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If you need a site that is beautiful but affordable, you may want to think
about a minimalist website design.
Because they are so simple and usually do not take hours of complex programming
their overall cost is much more reasonable than a flashy site may be. Keep in mind,
however, that if you do want complex functionality built into your site it may
have a higher price tag regardless of whether the design itself is clean and minimalist.

Remember that minimalistic website development does not mean that
there are not complex functions built in it is just that they look clean, have a
purpose and are used in such a way that they are as useful and relevant as possible.

Rapid Loading
One advantage of minimalist website design is the fact that a minimalist site will load
quickly even if a person’s internet speed is not high. Some sites that are not designed
along minimalist lines will not load quickly or easily and this can be a distinct
problem for many people.

On the other hand, because a site is minimalist in its concept, there is not a lot to
load in many cases and you may find that you do not need to worry about potential
customers going elsewhere because their internet speed is not as high as possible.

If you have looked at each of these factors and have found that
they will work for your company and its needs, you will be able to move
ahead and get the minimalistic website design you have been looking for.

It is important to remember that it is not so much what the site can do
but how it looks that will determine whether or not a website
design project could truly be termed minimalistic.

Just because your site looks simple is no reason to choose the
first design company that comes along. Many aspects of minimalistic design
can take a large amount of design skill and some website development companies may
not be able to handle your project properly.




How to use content to develop a website that is Search Engine friendly

Your website is not going to get much traffic if people
cannot find it using a search engine. It is one thing to
simply say that a website development project
needs to include SEO functionality.

It is another to know how to accomplish this goal.
While a professional website development company should be
able to accomplish this easily, knowing how to do so can help
you feel more confident when dealing with your website development company.

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One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through the use of content.

Here is some information about why content is so important

Why content is so important in website development

The content in your website is about more than search engine optimization.
It is the voice that your company will have when it is speaking to potential customers.
It needs to inform them of what your company is offering in terms of goods or
services and speak in a way that rings true with the message you are sending out.
It is also where you will use the phrases and keywords that search engines
will use to rank your site. Although search engines use other methods to
rank sites the fact is that a lot will depend on the keywords and phrases
that are contained in your site’s content.

What can you do if you are unable to write your own content?
A website development company may often be able to help you with
that service as well as building your site. They will often employ staff
members who are able to write the content for your site and can research
which words and phrases will get you the best search engine results.

Use tags as well as text to improve your search engine ranking
Although the words that are used in your website content are important there
are other elements that you need to use as well. Tags such as title tags, meta
tags and heading tags all work together to get your website noticed. If you
look at the top left side of your browser you will see a list of text.
This is often located just above the menu bar. This is the title tag and
it is this tag that tells Google important information about your site and its contents.

Meta tags are used to provide information relating to your site’s HTML portions.
They are also read by a search engine but will not appear when you look at a site.
They are found in the Metadata that search engines use to rank your site.

If your site has headings, the heading tags will be used to describe this.
They may be in a larger text than other areas of the website would be and
are designed as h1, h2 etc. This is the area of text that search engines will focus on.
It is because of this that a website development team needs to consider
the content of heading tags when crafting website content.

By knowing the areas of content that are most important you
will be able to ensure that a website development project ends with
a site that achieves the traffic and sales levels you have been hoping for.




How to retool a Landing Page or Website Design that is failing to perform well

If you find that your website is failing to perform 
as you had hoped it would, it can be tempting to scrap
the entire project and search out another website design.

This is not always necessary. It can be easier and
more affordable to look at making changes to your
landing pages rather than overhauling
your entire website design.

Here are a few tips that you can use to make the landing
pages on your site much more streamlined and
capable of attracting and converting web traffic.

Remember that there are two types of landing pages.
One is much shorter than the other and therefore has to be able
to convey a lot of information in a very limited space.

The techniques that you may use on a short landing page may
be different than the techniques that work best on a longer
landing page or a more content-heavy website design.
It is important not to assume that what works for a shorter
landing page will also work equally well on a website
design that uses longer landing pages.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?
You may find that with a landing page or overall website
design that saying may well be true. Depending on the kind of
website you own a photograph may add a more personal note and
make it easier to create the kind of trust that leads
to unshakable customer loyalty.

You may find that this personal touch is just what you
need to start converting your casual hits to solid web traffic.
If you are not comfortable putting your own image up you may
want to consider other images that relate directly
to your company or the products it offers.

Will video or audio make your site more appealing?
In much the same way that a picture can make your site more appealing,
an audio file or a video file may also help to personalize your
website and make the landing pages more attractive to potential customers.

However you need to keep in mind that the landing page still needs
to be easy to load no matter what connection speed a person is using.
A video or audio clip that is too massive will bog down a system and
make it difficult for the page to load. It can take such a long time
that potential customers will simply go to a different site and this
will mean that your site can no longer generate income.

Again, like other elements, it is important to weigh the pros
and cons of including one of these on your landing page.

By considering how to change your landing pages within the
context of your overall website design you can often create
a functional site that is capable of generating the level of
income that you had hoped it would.

Remember that your choices can have a permanent impact on
the way your site will load and even the navigational tools that
may be required for viewers to move around the site, so make sure
that the changes have been fully completed and that there are
no loose ends that need altering or cleaning up.

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How to evaluate whether a Website Design Package is right for your company

One thing that you may have seen advertised by 
many website design companies is a package deal
that gives you a set price for their website design services.

For someone who is not completely familiar with the
field of website design it can be difficult to tell
which package is priced appropriately for the services that it includes.

Here are a few tips that you can use to tell whether
a particular package is priced appropriately or whether
a website design company is overcharging you.

The first thing to consider is what kind of website design is
included in the package. Some packages will only include work on a very simple website.

If you need one that is larger or more complex you may find that
you end up paying more than you expected or wanted to.

This is especially important if you end up wanting any special
functionality incorporated into your website design.

If a package has almost everything that you want with the exception
of certain functions you may want to ask how much it would cost to include them in the package.
Although it may change the cost of the package you may find that it is
still worthwhile as the price may still be very reasonable.

It is always better to make sure that you know the terms
and costs before you sign any agreements however.

The next thing to consider is whether or not the package includes
items such as search engine optimization, content management functionality
and other features that can ensure that your site is up to date, functioning
properly and as easy to find as possible.

These three things can mean the difference between a company’s
site bringing in customers and driving them away.

Just because a package seems good does not mean that you should
immediately choose a specific company. You need to make sure that
they have experience working on the kinds of sites that you need.

This is especially true if you need advanced functionality such as
a site that is capable of interacting with other programs.

If there is a specific program you need your site to interface
with (such as Quicken, for example) you may want to inquire as to how
much experience a company has had in this area.

The last thing you want is to choose a company that seems like they
know what they are doing but who actually does not have the knowledge
and experience to produce the deliverable s you have requested.

There are many different companies that are offering website design packages.
By taking your time and researching different companies you can find the one
that is right for you and that has the features you are looking
for in the packages that they offer.>


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