Why your website will need to be “Mobile Friendly” in 2013


It’s estimated by mid 2013 more people will be accessing  the internet using mobile devices, overtaking those using the traditional office or home PC. This is because sales of these new devices overtook sales of PC’s in 2011 and 12 and continue to outsell as the typical user becomes more mobile using Smartphones tablets, even smart TV to access the internet. More … [Read more...]

An introduction to Responsive Websites


In the early 21st century, the Internet boom  and subsequently an e-commerce boom, made it mandatory for businesses to have websites and a web presence. To get more business and to sell their wares businesses came up with attractive websites. These early websites were heavy on graphics, had lots of code built into it and took ages to load. They also catered to standard … [Read more...]

Important checklist to establish if you need a website upgrade?


Today’s next generation of websites are dynamic so their content is fresh and up to date, this is to feed the ever growing appetite of today’s consumer who wants the latest information.  So as a business you need to ensure you have a dynamic online presence. Checklist for a Website Upgrade Not sure if you have a dynamic presence? then we have compiled a list of … [Read more...]

6 essential features for a successful Business Website in 2013


If you are starting a new business or looking to upgrade an old static website then here are features a successful website should have in 2013. You will need a website that has the following features: 1: Has a Content Management System built in Today’s customers are typically very active on social media, which they tend to use for feedback and peer reviews, they also … [Read more...]

Ten basic steps to successful Website Construction in 2013


Website Construction Tips If you are starting off in business and you need to create a website then we have assembled ten basic steps you will need to take to create and maintain a successful online presence Step 1: Set your Proposed website objectives before you begin your construction > Decide on its Purpose, also how it will be aligned with your … [Read more...]