Fire Suppression Systems

A range of fire suppression systems for your home or business.

The possessions and assets present in households or business facilities are extremely important both in a financial and emotional sense. Therefore, safeguarding the same against threat from unwanted fire incidents is of prime importance. Protecting these assets using water, sand, and fire extinguishers might not be sufficient to control the spread of fire.Therefore, it is important to make use of fire suppression systems to ensure that the fire is controlled in its initial stages and in a very quick manner.

Sprinkler system requires a large variation of temperature or heat to be activated.
Once activated water is sprayed on the fire for dousing. Such a thing might lead to
damage to the assets within the facility. Therefore, it is necessary to make use of
complete fire suppression solutions in form of robust systems for added protection
and enhanced security levels for the facility. The main idea is to extinguish the fire
before it becomes large enough to cause maximum damage.
Waterless extinguishing plays a big role in these types of
fire suppression systems.

Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems

When we talk of fire suppression systems, it is not limited to the use of sprinklers for dousing fire.
For larger facilities or households, there is a need to provide a higher level of fire safety by making use of these systems. The main benefit of fire suppression systems is their use to protect critical areas and minimize the damage caused.  This helps in business continuity after the fire has been extinguished.

The superior fire detection techniques of these systems help in fast suppression of the fire.
The control unit helps monitor the entire facility for any kind of fire threats.
Another major benefit is the use of intelligent installation network.The installation and maintenance work should be of the highest quality to ensure that the whole facility has been properly protected. The constant monitoring of environmental conditions at various parts of the facility and checking the same against fire-smoke  data helps to provide intelligent fire
suppression systems that can kill the fire instantly.

Choosing Fire Suppression Systems

Sprinklers are an important part of these fire suppression systems.
There are various special types of fire sprinklers that provide fast response in case of fire incidents.
Based on the limits of the piping system these sprinklers present in the fire suppression system provide adequate protection to control the fire inside the facility. The use of the extinguishing agent and the size of the location determine the kind of fire suppression system that needs to be installed in that facility.

The extinguishing agent can be based on local application or total flooding principle. In case of total flooding principle the fire suppression is done with the help of an extinguishing agent spread across the enclosed space where fire has been detected to ensure sufficient concentration of the suppression agent in that area.

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