Car Audio Systems

Why not turn your vehicle into a modern media centre.
There are professional multimedia system to suit your
vehicle make and model

A Full Range of Incar Multimedia products would include:

  • In car speakers and subwoofers
  • In car amplifiers
  • Car Stereos
  • Ipod compatible systems
  • DVD Din & Double Din Players

You cam also source the main components that are required in the car to provide necessary entertainment include head or stock unit, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and many similar components.

All major makes can be found  – Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine, JVC
These Car audio systems provide great value for car owners who enjoy in car entertainment.

The clarity of the sound produced through these audio systems depends on the main components such as speakers and amplifiers used in the car.

Main Car Audio System Components

The stock car audio systems are mainly OEM application that is pre installed by the manufacturer of the car.
When the car owner wants to improve the audio system then they can look for audio components to get the right sort of audio system for their vehicle.

The head unit is the main component and is installed at a central location in the dash panel.
This location can be easily accessed by the person driving the car and someone sitting in the front seat.
The head unit has many functionalities since it provides features such as radio,
audio player, USB flash memory, equalization, and tuning features.

Speakers can be fit in the front and rear portion of the car so that sufficient sound can be heard in the car.
Now day’s speakers are available for the car that shows a significant reduction in size so that it
can be attached to different locations inside the car. In situations where cabin speaker might
lack the required frequency it is best to make use of subwoofers to get the same.

Other Car Audio System Components

These amplifiers are separate from the other car audio system components except for
some models where the head unit can also have amplifiers attached to it.

When the existing amplification is not sufficient then external amplifiers are used to provide the necessary amplification. This is important while using sub woofers where the required wattage is quiet high as compared to the normal cabin speakers.

Thanks the Techstore Team