Home Security Systems

You can now find a wide range of Home Security Systems
that employ the latest technologies enhancing
the security of your Home and Property.

These include:

Home Alarm Systems >>  click here
There is a wide assortment of Alarm Control panels, keypads, sensors,
motion detectors and fire & smoke detectors to suit every personal need.

Home Alarm Monitoring Service >>  click here
You can source an Intruder, Fire, and Personal Attack Alarm Monitoring Service.
When an alarm signal reaches the centre, one of their highly trained and experienced personnel
will take appropriate action, alerting nominated key holders and the relevant emergency services.

Home Security Lighting Systems >>  click here
Security lights are one of the most practical and effective ways to prevent crime in or
around your home or office. In fact, statistics show that a well-lighted property
cannot prevent malicious activity or guarantee personal safety,
but crimes are less likely to occur because lighting is an excellent deterrent.

Home Access Control Systems >>  click here
Using keyless locks adds physical security and control to your home or business.
Keep children from accessing a gun cabinet. Limit access to specific rooms in the house.
After identifying a visitor by video intercom, you can open the door by remote control.

CCTV Systems >>  click here
CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) surveillance technology
can be employed to protect your home.

Electric Gates >>  click here
Electric Gates can increase the security around your home while also
providing convience in inclement weather.

Security Fencing >>  click here
Perimeter security fencing is an effective security measure
for around your Home.

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