E-commerce Solutions

When it comes to selling your products and services online
you will need to source and setup an E-Commerce solutions to
suite your wide variety of business needs.

Comprehensive E-Commerce solutions

An e-commerce solution can be a simple order button
linked to a pay pal account right through to a fully fledged
online shop providing online sales, including shipping
and tax calculations, stock control and order processing
that integrates with all of the main payment processors.

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Open your Business to a wider market
With the right online e-commerce solution you can manage an
online store that will be available to your customers 24 hours
and day, seven days a week.

Features of an e-commerce solution inc:

Manage it simply and easily
Easily setup and maintain your product catalog
you can create categories of products and manage
the product list that is available within each category.

You have the flexibility to add your products
Once they are added they are automatically linked
with your shopping cart.

Shopping Cart
You shopping cart is setup to work with your product catalog.
When shoppers click to buy an item it will be added to their cart.
The shopping cart is linked to the secure checkout area.
Tax calculations, shipping using the automated shipping calculators,
and integration with most merchant account processing gateways is included.

Order Management
You will automatically be notified via e-mail of new orders on
your web site.
To view your orders simply login to your site, click the store tab,
and click view orders.
You can view them online, print them out, or export them to a data file.

FLEXIBLE: Can be modified to meet a particular business specifications.
SCALABLE: Can grow as your Business grows.
EASY-TO-USE: You can manage your store simply using a web based control Panel,
AFFORDABLE: no expensive software required, also no HTML or  programming skills required!


The Techstore Team