Car Alarm Systems

A Car alarm system can enhance the security of your Car.
These professional systems come with the latest Auto technology and are professionally installed.

Features of a Standard Car Alarm System

  • Radio control with random encryption  code and self-learning function
  • Status L.E.D.
  • Alarm memory, recalls cause of last alarm
  • Flashes indicators
  • Alarm Arm/Disarm buzzer
  • Electronic siren Checks for faults on system
  • Alarm limitations
  • Panic button
  • Automatic arming
  • Antidistraction function
  • Ultrasonic sensors (Delectable via the remote)
  • Doors protection
  • Bonnet and boot protection
  • One circuit Immobiliser
  • Voltage drop sensor
  • Unauthorized starting attempt
  • Battery back up
  • Central door-locking (Neg or Pos output) ( If you car has Central locking  already installed if will lock your doors on Arming by remote control)
  • Optional modules control output (window closure etc.)
  • Safety locks (locks/unlocks doors on ignition) Comfort system output
  • Electronic or Mechanical override emergency key
  • Transmitter low battery warning signal
  • Wiring harness
  • System Programming via transmitter

The Techstore Team