6 essential features for a successful Business Website in 2013

If you are starting a new business or looking to upgrade RogersAndWindows8-200x150 an old static website then here are features a successful
website should have in 2013.

You will need a website that has the following features:

1: Has a Content Management System built in

Today’s customers are typically very active on social media, which they tend to use for feedback and peer reviews, they also expect the latest product updates so you need to keep your website  up to date, a web based CMS ( Content Management System ) will enable you to achieve this.

2: Is accessible and responsive to all the new devices out there

In 2013 it’s important to have a website that is compatible with an ever increasing range of portable devices
your customers are using to access the internet today, So ensure your website is mobile-friendly (responsive) and is accessible to this fast growing user segment who are using everything from tiny Smartphone screens to widescreen web TV’s to access your website.

3: Can integrate with all of the top social media channels

A website that allows you to push your offers out automatically via the various Social Media channels like (Twitter & Facebook) will provide an advantage. So you need to ensure your website can integrate all of the top social media channels allowing for the automatic publishing of content across multiple channels from one location; your Website.

4:Is search engine optimised

A website that has a structure that is search engine friendly, also sitemaps that update themselves automatically when you complete updates to ensure frequent indexing by the search engines.

5: Allows your customers share your content

Allows your visitors collaborate and share your offers via their preferred social media channels; this is particularly important as more and more people are using social media as part of their purchasing decision. Also the search engines have begun to place more importance and relevance to social media activity. So allowing your customers to share your information and offers with their peers direct from your website will have a beneficial effect. So ensure your website is compatible with the top social media services.

6: Has a range of applications available to extend its functionalities

Lot of websites today are built on platforms like WordPress; these platforms have a plethora of Free plugins or applications available to extend their functionality, so ensure your website is extendible so that it can grow as your business grows.

In Short:
To summarise everything , you need a website that you or your immediate staff can control content wise, is accessible to everyone no matter what device they are using to connect to the internet, its also compatible with all of the latest social media channels, allows your customers share your offers, can notify the search engines automatically each time you update it, is extendible and can grow as your business grows.

The solution
Next generation responsive websites are a solution to all of these requirements:

Our associates over at Next generation websites offer a number of choices and
provide a complete service and can help you upgrade your website to the next generation.

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Our associates over at Next generation websites offer a number of choices and provide a complete service that can help you upgrade your website to the next generation of responsive websites.


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