Animal Tracking

animal-trackingProtect your Bloodstock with a Tracking System

We have a new asset tracking unit that could be employed to track and locate valuable livestock when stolen. This new tracking device works by using a small self powered tracking unit that can be attached to the animal by concealing it within their collar, bridal or harness.

The Animal tracking system allows us then track the animals location and also provide you with a recovery service to assist you recover your animal should it be stolen.

We offer you a number of different means
of monitoring your different types of Valuable Assets.

1. General Tracking Solutions  : Inc Asset Tracking Solutions : Inc Portable Real Time Personal

Other popular forms of Animal Tracking:

When put on a wild animal these animal tracking devices allow scientists to study the activities and migration patterns of animals. Vaginal implant transmitters are used to mark the location where pregnant females give birth. Animal tracking collars may also be put on domestic animals, to locate them in case they get lost.

Other Wild Animal tracking systems involve the use of the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a wild animal to which an instrument is attached and to record that position at regular intervals. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit or may be transmitted to a centrally located data store, or internet-connected computer, using an embedded cellular (GPRS), radio, or satellite modem. This allows the animal’s location to be plotted against a map or chart either in real-time or when analyzing the track later using a GIS package or custom software.

New GPS Animal tracking devices can be used for a wide variety of applications including tracking people, we offer cost effective and reliable devices to help you track protect and rescue animals. Our unique range of features offers you outstanding performance, value and flexibility.