Stock Tracking

Maintain and Track your Stock remotely to Improve the efficiency and reduce cost

Technological advancement is taking place day-by-day. Tracking stocks, vehicles and containers in ever growing supply chains is one of the greatest challenges facing business today.

Techstore is playing a major role in solving such type of problems. We Supply vehicle technology systems to the trade and retail market in Ireland. There are new and exciting tracking solutions available that offer real cost savings in this area.

Our all tracking systems are installed to the highest level. The stock tracking system allows you to maintain and track stock portfolios, shows you live Intraday charts of collected data, and alerts you when the price goals you set are reached and more. In this way you can track your favorite stocks and be alerted when they reach a specified high or low. Our stock tracking solutions compare different stocks and sectors and search the market for new prospects based on technical indicators. It helps to track the different trading times, schedules and option expiration information.

With our stock tracking solution, sales staff can provide accurate information to customers about stock availability and warehouse staff can find items quickly and easily. These stock tracking solutions provide several benefits such as: It offers greater accuracy to business through increased pick rates, decreased errors, higher compliancy and accurate forecasting of warehouse resources and demands.

You can estimate your future requirements. Helps to reduce manual workload of your staff members. Visual representation of the details of selected stock indexes.

We hope our advanced technologies will definitely help you to improve efficiency and reduce cost for your business.