Computer Networking

Connecting computers together in your home or office is called computer networking.  Networking your devices opens up a whole new world where information and resources can be shared by all.

If you have more than one computer in your home you might
want to share your Internet connection. A simple wireless network can be created where all devices can share the same resources. Everyone can have access to the Internet, the printer etc, and this can also be totally wireless.

Cost effective. Everyone in your home can share files, peripherals, a single printer, even a single high speed Internet connection, all at the same time.

Fast. Add broadband Internet access to your network and you can surf the Net and download up to 100 times faster than traditional modems.1,2 That means, online shopping is easier and more fun. Homework is more productive. And vacation planning is a snap.

Efficient. You can access files, music, pictures, etc. on any connected computer without
putting the information on a disk or memory stick.

Flexible. Network with or without wires, or a combination of both. The choice is yours.
And you can easily add users or equipment at anytime.

Quick. Wireless users are supported with data rates up to 54 Mbps to share information within the network.
3 Wired users’ data rates are supported at up to 100 Mbps to blaze across the network.3

Mobile. Laptops are free to roam up to 328 feet indoors/1312 feet outdoors almost anywhere
depending on user environment, and remain connected.

Fun. With a Motorola network, you can really get into gaming.
You can compete with others within your network or play competitors online.

Safe. Both wired and wireless users are covered by advanced firewall security.

Whether a simple wireless system or a server-based network with built in
security and automated backup systems, we have the right solutions to meet all needs and budgets.

Thanks the Techstore Team