Promotional Stands

Promotional Stands: Help Make your Advertisement effective and enhance the image of your Business.

Our Range of Banner Stands

Promotional Stands are a cost effect Marketing Solution for your Business
As a good advertise medium or marketing strategy they will help drive Customers to a Business.
Now display systems are coming out with new features like promotional displays to help
business owners in reaching out to their target audience.

They play an important role in increasing customer interest in your product or service thereby increasing your retail sales. Professionally designed promotional stands can successfully increase the rate of conversion of customers to potential customers.Latest technologies have brought about finest display graphics and systems that are portable and easy to set up.

Located in Ireland, The Printing Specialists offers the complete exhibition service with stylish, attractive and professionally designed promotional stands. It provides bespoke exhibition design solutions and services of global standard at a competitive price.

The Printing Specialists provide a extensive range of modular display stands, poster stands, horizontal banner displays, banner pens, scrolling banner with battery, table top banner stands, telescoping banner stands and other exhibition accessories which suits your requirement perfectly. All of them are designed primarily for use in important set ups such as showrooms, reception areas or meeting rooms on an exhibition stand.

Their revolutionary promotional stands offer maximum display presence at exhibitions,
Trade Shows, Retail display and events.

Special Features of Promotional Stands:

  • Our exciting range of promotional stands has robust and lightweight aluminum frame.
    Therefore they are quick and easy to set up and even easier to take down.
  • Frames of variable sizes are available and can even be made to suit your requirements.
  • Stands in different shapes including straight, curved, circular and triangular are available.
  • The display stands are available with easily interchangeable or replaceable graphic drops or fabric drops.
  • Different accessories are available to enhance your display including lights, literature dispensers and shelving.
  • Cheap and efficient portable modular display solutions
  • Production of custom built exhibition stands to the highest of standards
  • Versatility of promotional display stands
  • Reliable and high quality service

Our promotional stands services are a one stop shop for your idea of custom stand building
to our development process and final realization.

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