Home Alarm Monitoring Service

Home Intruder, Fire, and Personal Attack,
Alarm Monitoring Services are avilable for any homeowner.

Home Alarm Monitoring Service

Why not source an Alarm Monitoring Service for your home

How the Home Alarm Monitoring Service Works

When a Home Alarm activation reaches the centre,
a trained and experienced person who is monitoring
will take appropriate action, alerting nominated
key holders and the relevant emergency services.

In the event of an accidental operation, they can
control the resetting operation by telephone and will use
immediate fault diagnosis to reduce engineer call-outs.

Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the centre
monitors the Home Alarm Systems for their clients and provides an immediate response.

Remote Monitoring of CCTV and Access Control Services

A totally effective CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) System is one that is
monitored continuously, sending pictures from your Home
to our Alarm Receiving Centre, improving the level and quality
of your security and often eliminating the need for
expensive manned guarding.

A remotely monitored CCTV system comes into its own with the ability
to protect the exterior of your Home.
For example, a remote audio warning from our Alarm Receiving Centre
can deter criminal activity and give the impression that the site is actually manned.

In most cases you can actually prevent physical damage to a site or property  as well as the crime itself.
Potential intruders are detected and verbally warned that they are being observed. What’s more, their activity is being recorded from the moment they enter the site. Indeed remote CCTV monitoring has shown itself to be the most economic and effective way of
securing your property and Home.

Thanks the Techstore Team