Fire Engineering Solutions

Fire Engineering Solutions provide the latest technologies to protect households and business facilities from destruction and threat of fire.
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A range of smoke detection systems for your home of business.

These solutions help to keep the environment inside the facility safe
especially when it is storing combustible material or critical
technological appliances. These fire engineering solutions by
virtue of excellent design, construction, and coverage facilities
can ensure necessary safety for the facility in which they are installed.

Moreover, these solutions not only prevent fire but also provide effective communication and investigation features to find out the exact location and nature of fire. With the use of fire engineering solutions, the business or household owners can get technological strategies and applications as suitable for their facility. These solutions are comprehensibly designed to comply with the necessary building regulations of that location. Each project site is taken up as one assignment to provide the best fire prevention and suppression solutions.

Fire Engineering Solutions Methods
Fire engineering solutions consists of fire fighting with the use of sprinklers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, cables, remote fire sensing appliances and similar kind of products necessary for fire safety. The thorough survey of a site determines the kind of design and appliances that might prove useful for prevention of fire incidents. There are two categories of sprinkler systems provided as part of these solutions.

One is for residential purposes and the other one known as domestic sprinkler system is useful for business facilities. The sprinkler system is mainly useful for large facilities whereas the residential one has been modified based on the domestic sprinklers to provide necessary fire safety to the household.

As part of the fire engineering solutions, these sprinklers are installed throughout the building. Depending on the location best suited for putting up these sprinklers, the installation is done to ensure coverage of maximum floor area in that part of the building. The supply of water at necessary pressure is provided with the help of a pump from a water tank. However, while designing the sprinkler system installation layout, each sprinkler system is treated as a separate unit that helps suppress fire in the zone where it is installed.

Improved protection using Fire Engineering Solutions
With the use of fire engineering solutions, it is possible to get automatic fire control arrangement.

The applications provided help detect fire in its nascent or early stages. It helps check any kind of smoke generation inside the facility or the household while controlling the same by cleaning up the environment with removal of toxic and harmful gases.

The sensitivity of the sprinklers is adjusted to work in a similar fashion like the heat detectors having fixed temperature range. The appliances provided under fire engineering solutions work as soon as the alarm or detection device is active. Information is sent across quickly to highlight the fire location. In case of provision of sprinklers, water is sprayed depending on the intensity of the fire. Once the water is discharged, it immediately cools the atmosphere minimizing the effect of any hot gases or smoke produced due to the fire.

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