Promotional Merchandise for your Business

Source and imprint various kinds of Promotional Merchandise
with your Logo or Brand to help build your Brand and Business.

Why use Branded Promotional merchandise?

Using Branded Promotional merchandise is a great strategy for
a number of reasons including :

  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Build Brand Loyalty

Why not check out the following Promotional Merchandise categories

Promotional Gifts | Promotional Shirts | Promotional Mugs
Promotional Bags | Promotional Pens | Promotional T Shirts | Promotional Calendars
Promotional Magnets | Branded WorkWear | Logo Embroidery | Promotional Clothing
Promotional Key Rings | Promotional Notepads | Promotional Mouse Mats |
Promotional Umbrellas | Promotional Golf Gifts

Here are some statistics supporting this effective Business Marketing Strategy

  • Promotional products can boost Sales response rates by as much as 75%.
  • 62% claim they have done business with someone after receiving a promotional item from them.
  • The use of a promotional products in conjunction with a sales letter in direct mailings
    can increase response rates by as much as 50%
    Customers who receive promotional products are 14% more willing to provide
    sales leads than customers who receive nothing.
  • 39% of people who received a promotional product could recall the name
    of the advertiser as long as six months after they received it.
  • Sales people who gave promotional gifts to customers received 22%
    more referrals than those who didn’t.
  • Customers who received promotional products re-ordered up to 18%
    sooner than those who received coupons.
  • A recent study showed that 84% of people remembered the names of advertiser
    who had given them promotional items
  • 76% of People surveyed recalled the name of an Advertiser that used Promotional
    Merchandise vs. 53% that used a magazine or newspaper ad
  • Over 35% of promotional products are kept for 2 years or more.
  • Promotional products helped create a good brand impression 84% of the time,

    almost 3 times more than TV and print advertising.

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Georgia Southern University Study, Exhibit Survey Inc. Study ASI Power Summit

Promotional merchandise Imprinted with your Logo

Promotional merchandise will be imprinted with your logo or
marketing message and can include a very wide range
of items including Apparel or Branded Work-Wear, Promotional pens,
Calendars , Umbrellas, Promotional Mugs, Keyrings and much more.

This promotional Merchandise can be used a variety of ways to promote your business, or an event or just reward loyal staff or clients.
This Promotional merchandise is also known as Promotional Gifts when handed out as free Gifts to promote an product launch or event

As Marketing Products or Promotion Products to promote a campaign or general campaign.

As Personalized/Corporate Gifts when Personalized to reward a client or employee. These items are Personalized with the recipient’s name,
a personal message, the date or some other details to celebrate a
specific event or individual achievement.

Using Promotional merchandise to Promote specific industries

You can find industry specific Promotional merchandise for your industry.
So if you’re in the Pharmaceutical industry, the IT sector,  the construction industry, or any other industry,  you can source and brand the perfect Marketing products for your business.

The Techstore Team