Fire Systems

A range of fire systems for your home or business.

Automatic fire alarm systems are security systems
that are extremely important for your household
and business needs.

Such systems help detect and alert any outbreaks
of fire in a building or area where they are located.

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These fire alarm systems work by monitoring unexpected environmental
changes in its area of supervision due to combustion activities.

These fire alarm systems also help send out an evacuation notice to people present in the building to escape  from the premises in case of fire or other emergencies. Along with the evacuation notice, these systems can call for the emergency services to deal with the fire alert or activate an internal fire control system and prevent the spread of smoke and fire. The main advantage of a fire alarm system is its reliability and ability to send an instant message on detection of fire or smoke. This time saving aspect can save lives in case of an emergency.

Basic design of fire alarm systems
The design and installation work for the fire alarm systems depends on the building codes for that area. The main components of a fire alarm system consist of smoke and heat detectors fitted to a relay for transmitting  signals in case of emergency. The heat detectors are mainly present in places having flammable or combustible materials.  In case of presence of sprinkler systems, the heat detectors can be avoided.

The smoke detectors are widely used in fire alarm systems for sensitive and closed room premises. Fire alarm systems with smoke detectors can be used in household as well.  The fire alarm systems are of single stage, two stages, or emergency voice communication type. In case of every fire alarm
system, the floor or zone where the fire has been detected is highlighted separately for allowing sufficient preventive measures to be taken.

Type of fire alarm systems
The single stage fire alarm system sends out a direct alarm signal on detection of fire.
The alarm signal rings through every audible signal appliance present in the building
and main control unit. It can also transmit a signal to fire department when necessary.

Once the alarm has been raised, the audible signal appliances
will stop sounding after a period of 20 minutes.

The two stage fire alarm systems have separate alert and alarm signals.
During the first stage, an alert signal is sent out to the main control
unit whereas the second stage has an alarm signal that rings through every audible
signal appliance present in the building and main control unit.

The alert signal helps take preventive measure in the zone where fire has
been detected instead of raising a panic.

In case of a big building, the alert signal is changed into
a direct alarm signal that helps everyone become aware of the situation.
It can also transmit a signal to fire department when necessary.

The emergency voice communication based fire alarm systems
makes use of voice communication to raise an alarm on detection of fire.
Such type of alarm system has a central alarm along with sufficient control facility
to prevent fire from spreading.

The voice communication has a loudspeaker put in place that helps everyone
become aware of the situation.  It can also transmit a
signal to fire department when necessary.

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