The consequences of having your website blacklisted by Goggles Safe Browsing Service

A new generation of malicious software or malware is Malware
trawling the internet and seeking out websites
that have vulnerabilities; this malware then infects
these websites and uses them as hosts to infect their
unsuspecting visitors.

Malware has infected some well known websites

In recent weeks some high profile
websites have fallen victim to this new threat inc:
well know websites such as the Washington Post,
The Guardian, as well as YouTube
which is owned by Google itself.

Google safe Browser Service Protection

To counter the spread of this malicious software
and to protect their users, Google blacklists
approx 9,500 websites every day for malware distribution
via its Safe Browsing Service, included in this is
is the collateral damage caused to business
as 90% of malware is distributed by legitimate websites
without their owner’s knowledge.

The consequences if your Business website gets blacklisted by Google

If you are one of these unfortunate individuals that own a website that
is found distributing malware (even unknowingly) then you need to
be aware of the consequences that this can have for your Business.

  • First of all, if your website gets flagged for distributing malware
    your customers will be presented with a red browser screen warning
    them not to visit your website.
  • Your organic search engine rankings will also be diminished as google tends to demote
    websites found distributing malware from prominent listings in their index
    in an effort to protect their users. Business owners have reported
    a 40% drop in visitor traffic as a direct result of a malware infection
  • It takes on average 7-10 days to repair the damage caused by a malware infection
    and to get your Business website details removed from the various blacklists.
  • It can take weeks even months to regain your rankings on the search engines
    as a result of Malware infection.

All of this can have extensive negative consequences to your online trade,
as well as damage to important customer relations and online reputation.

Secure your website today from Malware infection

Prevention is always better than cure, by preventing infection you
avoid all the negative aspects of dealing with an infection and the
associated consequences and damage to your online Business.

scan packs

Employ a real-time Anti-Malware Website Scanning service

This service scans your website constantly and notifies you instantly
once infection is detected; our team is on hand to guide you
through the removal process.

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