5 ways to use Microsoft Excel within your Business

Microsoft Excel is the leading spreadsheet program used in business today.excel training
With its ability to deal with text, numbers or values and formula it is ideally
suited to the day to day admin requirements of a business.

As an example I have listed 5 key ways you can use Microsoft Excel in business.

1. Inventory management and stock control
A practical use of Excel within a business is the area of inventory or stock control. We can list all items in stock and the movement in and out of these stock items so we know what levels of stock there are at all times.

2. Time management and tracking
If we need a simple way to kep track of jobs and tasks as well as the time and duration spent
on these a good tool to use is Excel. Excel can work with dates and times and simple formulas can
be setup to do time calculations.

3. Accounting and office admin
On of the most commonly found uses of Excel is in the area of accounting and bookkeeping/admin.
We can keep a track of our income and expenditure as well as planning ahead by using excel in the
area of  budgeting.

4. Customer management and admin
Within  any business  emphasis is placed on customer management and Excel can assist greatly in this area. We can keep track of ongoing customer contacts and marketing campaigns as well as customer complaints handling.

5. Project management and job costing
When you are tendering for a project or pricing up jobs or work, Excel can be a very important tool.
We can plan and list out all costs involved as well as building formulas to add in margins for overruns and
profit margins.

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