Some useful tips to consider when purchasing an In-Car PC system

An in car PC system can offer you many advantages in today’s busy environment. They are capable of offering many advanced functions and services that can make your car a much more enjoyable and productive place to be.  New technologies are coming along at a rapid pace and here are some of the items that many people choose to hook up to their car in car PC system.

Video or display monitors
A larger display monitor is often something that many people choose to install in their car PC system. Whether it is a family vehicle with a screen that can play videos to entertain children or a larger screen to make it easier to control different components, a vehicle display screen is often an essential feature of a good car PC system.

Some systems may have the ability to accommodate several different video screens. These systems can be fantastic in larger vehicles as one screen can be mounted in the dashboard and others can be placed on the backs of car seats or so that they descend from the ceiling. Separate screens may also call for separate sound controls as well so you may want to look for this when you are choosing your car PC system.

GPS Navigational devices
A great addition to any in-car PC system is a GPS. These can help you find your location or to get directions if you are unsure of where you are headed next. A GPS with an audio function can be very helpful as you can listen to directions while you are driving rather than taking your attention away from the road to see what the next stage in your trip is going to be.

In Car PC

In Car PC

Entertainment System
There are many different audio components to think about when you are planning your car PC system. Some options include sync connectivity with MP3 players or satellite radio systems that can be installed in the car to provide a source of music or information.
One other option that many people are considering with their car PC systems is Bluetooth functionality. This enables your car to connect with a cell phone. Users may be able to put a call through to voice mail, receive text messages that have been converted to voice mail or access other features of their smart phone or blue tooth capable cell phone.

Internet Access
You can obtain internet access with 3G connectivity that will allow your in-car PC connect wirelessly to the internet.
This will allow a user browse the web, access email and run online software applications and access online files and information.

Professional installation or setup
You need to decide whether you want a car PC system that is installed by your dealer or whether you are looking for a custom after market system that you install yourself. In either case, it can be helpful to think about which features will be used most and to look for systems that offer those features.

If you are planning on installing a custom car PC system it is important to consider how your system will be powered. Many systems work off of a PSU or power supply unit that runs off of the car battery. This enables the power system to be replenished. As the battery is being charged and replenished while you drive so too is the power supply to your car PC system.


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