How to retool a Landing Page or Website Design that is failing to perform well

If you find that your website is failing to perform 
as you had hoped it would, it can be tempting to scrap
the entire project and search out another website design.

This is not always necessary. It can be easier and
more affordable to look at making changes to your
landing pages rather than overhauling
your entire website design.

Here are a few tips that you can use to make the landing
pages on your site much more streamlined and
capable of attracting and converting web traffic.

Remember that there are two types of landing pages.
One is much shorter than the other and therefore has to be able
to convey a lot of information in a very limited space.

The techniques that you may use on a short landing page may
be different than the techniques that work best on a longer
landing page or a more content-heavy website design.
It is important not to assume that what works for a shorter
landing page will also work equally well on a website
design that uses longer landing pages.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?
You may find that with a landing page or overall website
design that saying may well be true. Depending on the kind of
website you own a photograph may add a more personal note and
make it easier to create the kind of trust that leads
to unshakable customer loyalty.

You may find that this personal touch is just what you
need to start converting your casual hits to solid web traffic.
If you are not comfortable putting your own image up you may
want to consider other images that relate directly
to your company or the products it offers.

Will video or audio make your site more appealing?
In much the same way that a picture can make your site more appealing,
an audio file or a video file may also help to personalize your
website and make the landing pages more attractive to potential customers.

However you need to keep in mind that the landing page still needs
to be easy to load no matter what connection speed a person is using.
A video or audio clip that is too massive will bog down a system and
make it difficult for the page to load. It can take such a long time
that potential customers will simply go to a different site and this
will mean that your site can no longer generate income.

Again, like other elements, it is important to weigh the pros
and cons of including one of these on your landing page.

By considering how to change your landing pages within the
context of your overall website design you can often create
a functional site that is capable of generating the level of
income that you had hoped it would.

Remember that your choices can have a permanent impact on
the way your site will load and even the navigational tools that
may be required for viewers to move around the site, so make sure
that the changes have been fully completed and that there are
no loose ends that need altering or cleaning up.

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