How to use content to develop a website that is Search Engine friendly

Your website is not going to get much traffic if people
cannot find it using a search engine. It is one thing to
simply say that a website development project
needs to include SEO functionality.

It is another to know how to accomplish this goal.
While a professional website development company should be
able to accomplish this easily, knowing how to do so can help
you feel more confident when dealing with your website development company.

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One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through the use of content.

Here is some information about why content is so important

Why content is so important in website development

The content in your website is about more than search engine optimization.
It is the voice that your company will have when it is speaking to potential customers.
It needs to inform them of what your company is offering in terms of goods or
services and speak in a way that rings true with the message you are sending out.
It is also where you will use the phrases and keywords that search engines
will use to rank your site. Although search engines use other methods to
rank sites the fact is that a lot will depend on the keywords and phrases
that are contained in your site’s content.

What can you do if you are unable to write your own content?
A website development company may often be able to help you with
that service as well as building your site. They will often employ staff
members who are able to write the content for your site and can research
which words and phrases will get you the best search engine results.

Use tags as well as text to improve your search engine ranking
Although the words that are used in your website content are important there
are other elements that you need to use as well. Tags such as title tags, meta
tags and heading tags all work together to get your website noticed. If you
look at the top left side of your browser you will see a list of text.
This is often located just above the menu bar. This is the title tag and
it is this tag that tells Google important information about your site and its contents.

Meta tags are used to provide information relating to your site’s HTML portions.
They are also read by a search engine but will not appear when you look at a site.
They are found in the Metadata that search engines use to rank your site.

If your site has headings, the heading tags will be used to describe this.
They may be in a larger text than other areas of the website would be and
are designed as h1, h2 etc. This is the area of text that search engines will focus on.
It is because of this that a website development team needs to consider
the content of heading tags when crafting website content.

By knowing the areas of content that are most important you
will be able to ensure that a website development project ends with
a site that achieves the traffic and sales levels you have been hoping for.


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