5 Common Mistakes in Website Design

Just when you thought that you had the coolest
website design on the World Wide Web, you have
noticed a drop off in Visitors

If so then we have assembled:  5 Common Mistakes in Website design 

1. Your website design is great, But your website isn’t compatible all the the major Website browsers.
Ok your website looks great but if its not compatible with all of the latest website browsers
then perhaps you are missing out with potential visitor traffic. The top browsers
are  Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera.
Try and ensure your website is compatible with these.

2. You website is simply using too much Flash.
A lot of website designers these days believe that one of the best ways to attract their target
market is to incorporate a lot of Flash and other animated images into their site.
First, they can slow down the download time of your webpage, which, unfortunately,
can make Internet users impatient and also affect your search engine rankings as
search engines now factor in page download speed and also spiders are great
at reading text, they are not great with annimations.

3. Your website Design is great, but your website appears to have a low level of accessibility 
Besides the overall layout of your webpages, you also have to take into consideration
you end users, try and ensure your website has a high level of accessibility
This can be achieved by ensuring development is done as per W3C standards

4. Your website design is great, but your website is not compatible with new devices your customers are using
More and more users are using smartphones and other portable devices to access the internet
these days, if your design and layout is old it probably cannot be viewed on these new
Portable internet devices.

5. Your website design is great, but you webpages are not search-engine friendly.

Try and ensure your website uses the latest in search engine optimisation techniques,
its not prudent to use exact anchor text links anymore, try and dilute your links
with a variety of varying anchor text links, we recommend a mixture of approx
16% Exact , 32% Variation/LSI , 32% Universal/Junk, 16% Nofollow

Thanks the Techstore Team


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