Key Tips to successful Bespoke Website Development

The traditional Bespoke Website design process
has evolved over the years and is still
employed on certain projects.

This process creates unique bespoke websites
that are unique and individual to the particular Business
and its individual needs.

Typically the process begins with close interaction
between a website designer and client and the exchange of
information and then the creation of the online presence
as a joint collaboration between client and designer.

Other options like : Building your own website
There are also web based services that will allow you the client to create your own website.
These usually result in websites that are poor in design and limited in functionality and
scale ability.

If you do decide to employ a website designer than we have some advice on how
you should approach things.

Tips for Employing a website designer
When you are looking for a web site designer, please bear in mind the following:

  • How long is the developer working in this field?
  • Do they have an online portfolio of projects they have created previously?
  • Can they give you any references or previous clients that you can contact
  • Will the developer provide a written plan ( contract ) and then develop the
  • website in stages.
  • Can the developer support your website once its created and what level
  • of support will they provide after its completed?
  • Does the developer host with a particular website host, is this host sufficient
  • services to your future needs?

Once you have narrowed down your options then ensure the following:

Once you have found your web site designer and fleshed out a plan
then ensure it includes the following:

  • The plan is in writing and there are clear time limits.
  • The website is designed to W3C standards.
  • Will the Website be scalable to grow as your business grows?
  • An outline of the support levels supplied by the hosting service provider
  • as to where the website will be hosted
  • All projects documents recorded and a backup of stage developments provided

Other important issues that you will need to clarify:

  • What will the hourly rate be for future upgrades once the website is completed?
  • What will need to be updated? does the website have software that
  • will need to be updated? if so what will be the licence upgrade fees?
  • Will the images used on the Website be stock images and will
  • evidence of their purchase be provided.
  • Once you have covered and signed off on these issues you will be on track to create a
  • successful online presence for your Business.

Thanks the Techstore Team

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