3 Important Elements of Website Design Today

Web site design is an important aspect 
of website development today.

Depending on how the Web site design was implemented, it can either
encourage visitors to interact with the brand or drive them back
to where they came from.

In order to encourage and maintain customer loyalty,
a website must have a design that matches the objectives
of the organisation is represents.

3 Basic Elements in Web Site Design

Here are three important elements that every website developer should always
keep in mind when it comes to website design.

1. Content Design 
The design should be directed towards the website’s target audience,
so try and ensure the design elements appeal to this audience.

2. Navigation and layout
The design should be compatible with all of the latest screen resolutions
out there, everything from smartphones to tablets to the older desktops of course.
The layout should incorporate all design and navigation elements
together seamlessly if possible.

3. Compatibility & accessibility.
The design should be compatible with all of the major browsers.
and meet the latest standards in terms of user accessibility.

In Short:
Design with your target audience in mind, ensure the design and navigation elements
are  seamless with a strong clear easy to use navigation structure, create a layout
that is flexible for multiple devices, ensure fonts and other content can be modified
by the viewer so as to ensure totally accessibility, even
for people who with visual impairments.

Look at other websites in your segment, see what has worked for others.

Thanks the Techstore Team

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