US Property Services

Techstore in association with Ace internet marketing are pleased to
announce a new project to promote a new range of property
services aimed at the Online US and International Market.

This new project will involve the promotion and marketing of a range of
new homes and properties across the US, the main domain which will be
used for this service will be US Properties Direct This domain will be used to promote the sale of properties across the US.

The Florida property Market:

Florida is one of the worlds top Holiday destination for families and
adults alike. Florida has hosted approx 80 million visitors last year.
This project will also involve a range of services targeting the
Florida property market including a online directory promoting all
aspects of property sales, rental and management in the Florida area,
this will promoted through our Florida property Direct Service.

We will also have a website dedicated to property investments in
the Florida area, this will feature investments in property in the
commercial and residential areas. the main website for this will be Florida Property investments
We have partnered up with numerous builders of new homes
for sale throughout Florida to provide real estate investors with a
wealth of maintenance- free properties to choose from

Another service we will be promoting will the the whole are of villa rental.
Florida is a destination of choice for over 80 million visitors a year and
a large percentage of these visitors rent villas direct online from either
their owners or from management companies:
Our main website promoting this service will be Florida Villas Direct

Florida property sales

Buying a property in the USA is an attractive proposition for many home
buyers and investors, which is hardly surprising when we consider the facts:
The USA property market offers the same stability as the Irish market
and the rate of exchange between the dollar and the Euro is
extremely favorable, allowing Irish buyers in the USA to get much
more for their money. With exciting entertainment on offer, areas of
natural beauty and a sunny climate,
certain regions of the USA such as Florida have long been attractive
holiday destinations. Our new website Florida Property Team will offer the latest in luxury villas, apartments, townhouses
and penthouses to plots of land for you to choose from.

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