Tips on choosing the best Visual Display screen for your car

Many cars are now rolling off of the assembly line complete with some form of visual display.
Often these are used in conjunction with an In Vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, audio and
navigational system, but there are some displays that function more as part of an overall car
PC system than with any one particular device.

If you currently have a
manufacturer’s system
installed in your car you
may find that your options
are limited without paying
extra to have a custom screen
put in. This is one reason why
many individuals will not have a display screen installed by the manufacturer and will
instead choose to put one in themselves. If you are someone who is considering this you
may want to consider the following factors.

Is it large enough to see easily?
The size of your screen is important. It needs to be large enough that you can see the information
clearly. Remember that the easier it is for you to see what the screen says, the less chance there
is that your attention will waver and that an accident may take place. It is especially important
if you have a larger vehicle such as a van or SUV as it will make it easier for people who are sitting
in the back seats to be able to read the display.

Is it touch sensitive?
Touch screen technology is becoming easier to locate and is also coming down in price. You want
to make sure that the visual display screen you choose also has touch screen technology as this
will help you navigate between different devices or functions quickly and easily. This feature is
especially important if you will have your visual display screen hooked up to a GPS as you may
need to find a way to navigate between different functions or screens and it will be almost
impossible to do so effectively if you do not have touch screen technology.

Is it able to interface with your other devices?
If you have a number of different devices that the visual display will be interacting with you need
to make sure they are compatible. Modern technology is making it easier for your visual display
screen to interact with other devices that you will be using. It can be frustrating to get what you
think is the perfect system only to find it will not work with your devices.

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