Tips for Great Website Design

Creating the perfect web design is not easy for
everyone as lots of thought needs to go into
creating the right website design.

You have to not only consider the image you intend to
propagate through the design; you also have to consider
the colours, fonts and SEO techniques for your website.

While designing your website, you have to first
select a color scheme that fits
your company or product, and stick to it.

You can get ideas for the color scheme by looking at the logo
or colours used in your existing office stationery.
If you don’t have logos, and are starting from scratch, it is better to
choose from two or three complementary colors throughout the page,
and not to change colours on different web pages.

Use the right color combinations in the website design
The common color combinations are red, white and gray; blue and white; yellow,
grey and white; and red, yellow and white. You can get additional ideas by
searching the internet and finding other websites that you like.

Instead of hiring a website designer, you can create great website designs with the help of templates.
There are many sites offering templates for you to choose from,
while some web design software also has templates with them.

Though it may look interesting and attractive to have special
effects implemented in your website, remember that spinning
graphics and logos may also distract visitors from the content in your website.
Moreover, these graphics take longer to download, and may discourage
impatient visitors from visiting your website.

The font should be easily readable in the website’s background.

To ensure visitors have no difficulty in navigating your website,
you have to create a website design having an easy to use navigation system.
Websites usually have their navigation bar on its left or top; however you
can also include your navigation bar in the bottom of a page if required.

The background color of the website design has to be chosen wisely so
that visitors can read all the text in the website.
So if your font is of a dark color, your background has to be light in color.
Moreover, the color of your background has to be chosen so that
links placed in the website can be seen by surfers.

Placing external links to your website design makes your website more informative
as it gives your visitors more reason to visit your website.
On surfing the website that results on clicking the link, visitors can easily return to your website.

Use a site map for large websites If you have a large website, where there are more
than 15 pages, it is better to have a site map included in your website design.

An alternative is to add a ‘search’ feature to your website to make it easier for
visitors to find what they are looking for.

Then of course, content for your website is a very important part of your website design.
If there is no strong and attractive content, your website will not
get the promotion or attention it requires.

So implementation of all these tips in your web site design will ensure that
you have a website that will draw lots of traffic and attention.


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