The advantages of using Promotional Postcards for your Marketing Campaigns

People often make the mistake of overlooking the benefits of postcards if they are thinking of the best way to market their business. This is unwise because in reality they can be very beneficial indeed.

For smaller business with tighter budgets, printing an advertisement in the local rag is both costly and largely ineffective, yet many still focus their efforts on doing so.

You can’t say everyone will see the ad and in case they actually do, they will often forget about it and neglect to act on it. There won’t be any guarantees and the exposure is very limited indeed. There are more options though.

Printed catalogues are popular

Some businesses will be looking to print catalogues and send them out a couple of times a year. This can be great of customers are loyal and make orders regularly. If your business is yet to establish themselves though this might not be the best method to go along. Firstly there’s the cost of printing the catalogue, and then there’s the delivery to consider. Due to their size, they are often too bulky to slip through letter boxes so may not even reach the customers they may be intended for.

Think of postcards in contrast.

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Cheap to create

If you’re a new company setting up and would like to inform your local customers about your services
then what better way to get this done than by postcards. They are cheap to create and large enough to carry a sufficient quantity of information to tell your clients a little bit about yourself. You’ll be able to post them via the door by hand or you can pay to get them delivered.

Due to their size you’ll be able to bet that whatever option you go for, you will pay a lesser amount of that you will posting something bigger and heavier. Take into consideration what you can include on the postcard . Think about the front of it. Much like a magazine, leaflet, or brochure, front side page, cover, or front on the postcard will need to be attractive so that people wish to pick it up and look at it.

You could include your brand as well as some relevant images that can grab people’s attention. Now take into account the back.

What information to include

Here you might say something regarding your business. You could write a couple of sentences about what you do and the things you supply which means that your prospective customers could get an idea for you as the business. You could have your text in bold writing, or cleverly with a handwriting style to ensure that it looks a bit more personalised. Include some instructions regarding what your clients can do with their postcard if you’re offering them an incentive that’s redeemable with it, for example.


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