Social Networking – A piece of E-Commerce Website Strategy

One big business nowadays is the Social Networking. With Kindle’s book sales exceeding the conventional book sales, eCommerce will soon play a bigger fraction of the nation’s GDP.

We are all like Rip Van Winkle discovering and waking up in a world with people that has changed their ways of buying their goods and services. In just a matter of ten years or more, the eCommerce trade has become a practical competitor for the sale and purchase of almost anything that you can think of. The use of social networks and fan pages play a significant role in the online marketing strategy.

Social Networks and eCommerce
Along with Twitter and other new developments, the usage of social networks has swift the Internet by storm. A knowledgeable businessperson takes advantage of whatever marketing opportunity that is available. From a free eCommerce tool such as PayPal to other many social networks available, they all present viable eCommerce business.

Since social networks are not commercial networks, here are some few things to bear in mind when using this marketing approach.

  • Social network is a greatly targeted type of marketing strategy, while the standard advertising is a marketing approach that is non-targeted.
  • Social networking is all about audience or group engagement, while the standard advertising has no audience engagement at all.
  • Social network is a marketing strategy that requires minimal investment or maybe free, while the typical standard advertising is very expensive.

The social network’s targeting ability is a significant design that serves and fulfils the needs of a specific market segment or group. Unlike the traditional advertising that looks at market segmentation nearly in a blind fashion, the social network is a marketing approach that views its target market as their market of engagement. For instance, a certain group will respond to fan pages when they think that they are connected to the other group or members of their group and when the content is valuable for them.

Aiming eCommerce through Social Network Marketing

The interaction within a social network channel such as Twitter, Fan Pages, You Tube, Group Pages should eventually lead a member of the group or fan page to a webpage where they would be able to purchase a good or service. Compared to the conventional media advertising, this process might be extensive. However, each purchase comes with a more personalize relationship with the buyer.

The market and consumer engagement is the ultimate key here. The marketing person who uses social networking should understand its marketing strategy so as not to waste all his efforts. Using the social networking includes the usage of other approaches too such as article submission, SEO, CPC, and more.

Consequently, the social networking may not be the most important tool or strategy in online marketing for now, but is something that should not be ignored.

 Thanks the TIB Team

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