5 online alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint for creating a presentation

Most people are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint for Business-Trainingcreating presentations but did you know there are a range of other online applications that can be used as an alternative to this and not quite as expensive.

A list of alternative presentation applications include : 


The popular online alternative to Office is Google docs. You can create a new presentation
within Google docs and features a a lot of practical presentations with the same functionality as MS PowerPoint.


This option has a full se tof professional design tools to assist you in creating amazing presentations that will impress your client. With themes and layout structure you also have shapes & charts, tables & pictures, audio, HD video, and Flash to tell your story without compromise.


You can create powerful presentations and store them online with this tool.
This can then be shared online.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show’s has a lot of pre-built themes and can be used with clipart along with features like drag-and-drop which makes it an easy application to use.

280 Slides

A full featured site allowing you create a powerful presentation and run it in-house or onlline
You can access these from anywhere, and share them with the world

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