Sending Greetings to your customers at Christmas with Corporate Christmas Cards

When it comes to Christmas, many organisations  will tend to send Christmas cards to their clients and suppliers to boost their image and make the feeling of good will and appreciation. The goal is by fostering a great working relationship and making the customer feel valued it is possible to let the client to keep dealing with you on an on-going basis.

How to prevent creating the incorrect image it is extremely possible though that you could make a negative image by sending the wrong  kind of card.

This can be avoided by making the design, layout and quality of paper you will use. You may not get to meet with your customers on a regular basis so that you will want to make sure that  the gesture you send out speaks volumes of you and puts you in the most effective light.

What image are you going to create to represent your Company

Consider your image and exactly how you wish to get this across. Think about the method that you encapsulate this into an image that you can display on the Christmas Cards. Take into account the text you may include. You wouldn’t desire to isolate your customers by disregarding their own personal faith so you may need to think about the way you will phrase the wording of the well wishes you will include.

Choose the right printing firm by performing your research

Ensure you do your research as to what suppliers and printing specialists that are around. Get lots of samples from each as possible to enable you to ensure that the excellence of the product. Check out their designs too and go with the supplier that will supply you with everything you want on the right price.


You may want to get a Printing Specialists for Christmas Cards that advertises the fact that they source their paper from sustainable rainforests, as environmental responsibility is often a quality that is looked for from a business.

Consider your list of recipients – and be thorough!

Be thorough whenever you generate your list of recipients as missing someone from the list may lose you your client. Just be sure you hold the right details for each of your clients too because it would be a waste to send out a card to the wrong address, but furthermore you may offend someone simply by making them think you have ignored them. You’ll likely want to sign your cards too using a personal signature as opposed to one you’ve uploaded. This adds the personal touch to the card and lets the recipient understand that you have seen their card and sent it personally. In this manner you might be adding that little extra amount of personalisation that will make your customer feel all that more considered.


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