Mistakes to avoid making when Planning your Web Site Design

If you are going to be engaging a company 
to complete a website design for you,
you want to make sure that your site is
functional and that it can be used to
promote your Business effectively.

Here are a few mistakes that people
make when getting a website design.
Some of these mistakes can be quite expensive
and time consuming to correct while others
are more cosmetic problems that can be fixed more easily.

Creating a Site That Is Difficult To Navigate

to your chances of success. If your customers cannot find the information or
products that they are looking for they will often simply stop visiting your
site and will give their business to your competition instead.

It is better to choose a site that is more simply designed that your
customers can navigate around easily. You want to make sure that the
navigational buttons on your site are easy to find and that they are
clear about what they will lead your customers to.

Not Utilizing Proper Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Proper search engine optimization techniques are critical to your website’s chance of success.
Search engine results are what determine how easily your potential customers can find
you if they are unable to search for you by name. Search engine optimization
techniques include using terms commonly used to find your products and services.

However, these techniques are not limited to the text content of your website.
They also include the use of links both to and from your site, proper use of
html tags and other elements that can help your site rank higher on a search engine result.

Not Using a Content Management System

If your site does not use a content management system that you
are able to use on your own, it can make your site very difficult
to update or alter in any way.

A content management system allows you to change text, images and html portions
of your website so that you are able to update it and make alterations to descriptions
of your products and services. If you are unable to use the content management
system that is used to create your site you will often be forced to rely on your
web design and development company to make these changes and that can end
up being very expensive in the end.

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