How to reach the Top Rankings on Googe Search

Getting featured on the first page of Google search page
is every webmaster’s ultimate dream.

Many of you must have spent a massive amount of money for getting
to the top 5 or top 10 results of the Google search.

Yet, you may not have reached the desired place.
This not only dissipates your money and drains out your enthusiasm,
but could also have caused you a lot of mental agony.

To get listed on the first page of search engine results, is not such a tough task as you might have thought.
Just a little tweaking here and there with some well planned strategy can help you get the top ranking on Google.

The following tips if followed carefully can influence the position of your website on a positive footing:

  • Search engine friendly web pages:
    The first and foremost requirement for being seen on the top of a Google search is to make your web pages accessible to the search engines. The error free robots.txt file is the pre-requisite for allowing the search engine spiders to locate and read your web pages.
    The html code should stimulate the correct response code.
    You can use spider simulator by IBP to check whether your web pages can be read correctly or not by the search engine spiders.


  • The web pages should be relevant:
    The web pages of your website should be interrelated and must point to almost similar topic.
    The website should not be the random collection of web pages having unrelated content.
    Linking of web pages is also an important strategy to get noticed easily. The visitors should reach the desired pages with minimum hassles. Relevancy to a certain topic with optimized content will be located by Google easily and this can affect your page ranking.


  • Relevant and optimized keywords:
    Your keywords should be relevant to the topic and the content should have long tail keywords for better search engine optimization.
    You have to optimize each page of your website with different key phrases that are related to the main topic.
    You will get better results if most of the pages of your websites are optimized.
    The unique keywords which have long tails should be optimized first and then one must proceed towards general keyword optimization.
    The more targeted your keywords are, the more will be your conversion rate.
    Your targeted keywords should be able to bring relevant traffic to your site.


  • Optimized content:
    One of the major mistakes people make is the use of non relevant content with many grammatical errors.
    The website is to have unique contents with relevant information that is different from other websites.
    It is this factor that increases the visibility of your website and will inevitably increase your ranking on the Google search index.


  • Incoming links:
    Back-links from trustworthy and respectable sites that point to your website can make your website more search engine friendly.
    The links from social bookmarking websites can increase your position on the Google search result.


If these tips are followed meticulously, then there is no reason why your
website will not feature on the top of the Google search result.

Thanks the Techstore Team

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