How to maximize the effectiveness of your Home Security System

Many people like the idea of having a home security system installed that can monitor their
home or apartment when they are not there. It is important to understand how to maximize
the effectiveness of your home security system so that you are able to get the most protection
for the least amount of money. You may find that a combination of devices can help you protect
your property more fully than a system that only uses one kind of monitoring can do. As well,
if you do install a monitoring system or security devices you may want to speak to your insurance
company in order to see whether you can get your insurance rates reduced.

Which areas need monitoring?
You need to look at your home and decide which areas need monitoring. Some
areas include doors that are sheltered from a street view, such as those that lead
in from a garage or which are located at the back of a house. Outlying buildings
such as sheds and detached garages should also have some form of monitoring.
This is because these areas are prime entry points for people especially if they
think they cannot be seen by anyone who is passing by.

Which devices will provide the most security?
Different areas need different types of monitoring devices. Windows may be better protected by
motion detectors or sensors that will sound an alarm if the window is opened. Doors may also be
protected by using these devices as well. If you want a visual record of what is happening on and
around your property you may want to consider installing security cameras that have a motion
detector attached to them. This will prevent hours of video recordings where nothing is happening.

Remote monitoring
You may want to have your home protected by a remote monitoring company. They can contact
authorities if an alarm is sounded or if a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector is triggered.
Some companies have very reasonable rates and you may want to speak with them about the
systems that they have available. They will usually install a system that includes door and window
alarms and may also be able to provide you with security cameras as well.

By thinking about your security needs before installing a system you can be sure that you are fully
protected against a wide variety of external and internal threats.

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