How to choose the right access controls to enhance your building’s security

Being able to control access and the flow of traffic                                                                         
through sensitive areas is important to many companies’
ability to do business. There are many different tools that
you can use to control the flow of traffic and the amount
of access that people have in a building or office space.
Here are a  few options that you may want to consider
for your commercial space.

Numeric control panels
These can be simple to use and easy to install. They consist of
a numerical pad that has keys on it. Those keys are numbered
0 through 9 and may have additional keys as well. They can be
programmed with a numerical code that needs to be entered in
order to have the door open. This can be helpful but may lead to
some issues if you find that employees are forgetting their numerical

Access Control Systems

They can also be an issue if you use a single access code for the entire building and have let
some employees go. The code may need changing after an employee has been terminated
or has quit, and this change may lead to individuals forgetting their numerical code. You
may want to consider other options if you want to make sure that your access controls will
function seamlessly.

Proximity card systems
Proximity card systems are also used frequently in order to control the flow of traffic through
a building or within an office. Unlike a keypad system, users do not need to remember a
numerical password. Instead, they use a card which is read by the system. This card either
permits them to enter a specific area or denies them access if they are not authorized to enter.
They can also record who is accessing different areas of the building or office. This can also
help you in resolving security issues within your company’s space.

These systems may be more expensive than a numeric control panel would be. Additionally,
it can cause problems if employees are constantly forgetting their access cards. Many companies
end up charging their employees a fee for any lost access cards.

Biometrics systems
Many companies are moving towards the use of biometric access control systems. These utilize
a reader unit that can record finger prints. When an employee wants to access an area, they simply
scan their finger print and are allowed or denied access. They can be quite expensive but offer a
number of advantages that other systems do not.

Some biometric access control systems do not require anything other than a fingerprint in order
to allow or deny access. Because of this, there is no problem with forgotten passwords or lost
access cards. Additionally, if an employee quits or is terminated, their biometric record can be
removed and they no longer have the ability to gain entry to a facility.

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