How to choose the best Data Backup Method for your needs

If you want to make sure that you will not be able to lose important data it is critical that you create a backup copy. This is fairly simple to do. Choosing the way that you will back up the data is not as simple however. There are many different methods that you can use to do so and not all of them are right for everyone.

CDs and DVDs

One of the simplest methods to back up data is to save a copy to a CD or DVD. In the past, files were often saved to disks but very few computers use them these days. It is far more common to save a file to a CD or a DVD. DVD’s are much better for larger files and both CDs and DVDs are inexpensive and easy to store. They may not be large enough to store a massive amount of data, however and they can also degrade over time. Because of this, many people want to explore other methods of backing up computer data.

External and Portable Hard Drives

External hard drives are becoming increasingly popular as a way to back up important information. These often plug into a computer via a USB cable and are available in various sizes. Some can hold over a terabyte of information and are becoming quite reasonably priced. There are two main types of external hard drives.

The first is meant to be used with a desktop computer. They are not as portable and may not be suited to being attached and detached repeatedly. Often they also use an external power source to provide them with the energy needed to run. Portable hard drives are meant to be used with a laptop computer and can be attached and detached repeatedly. They also do not usually use a power cord as they run off of the computer’s power supply.

While these can be quite affordable and are easy to use as a backup method they do tend to quit without warning. This can be devastating if you have a large amount of information saved onto them. It may be necessary to use the same data recovery techniques on these hard drives as you would on a regular computer.

Online backup websites

There are also websites that act as a backup method for your computer. The theory behind these is that they will not degrade over time and may be accessible from a wide variety of locations. This can make them quite flexible and appealing to many people.

Taking the time to learn what your data backup options are can be worthwhile. Doing it before you have lost data can mean that you are able to recover from a crash or virus much more quickly.


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