How Technology can help your Business go Mobile

With the right technology a business can do many things that can increase their revenue and save
them money. Technological advancements make things possible that were never before so that a
business can operate as efficiently as possible, delivering the highest standards for its customers.
The technology that is available today could even help employees work from home rather than
at the office.

Using the right portable system for your needs
If you work at a desk with a desktop PC then the idea of
working from home would seem almost impossible, but
a portable system that you can carry around with you
in the form of a laptop or notebook makes this more of
an option. Tablets like the iPad could also be considered
when trying to become more flexible around your
location. As long as you can find the right equipment
that suits the job you do there should be no reason why
you cannot work at home.

A working and trusted internet connection
It goes without saying that you will need an internet connection that is both secure and reliable.
Whilst at work, if the network goes down then everyone in the building will be affected and your
company will account for this responsibility but if you are using your own internet connection
then it will be assumed that you have a fast enough internet speed so that your performance is
not impaired.

Backing up your work
USB sticks are a great way to back up your work and keep your data secured in the event that
your PC crashes beyond repair. It can be frustrating having to back up your work all the time
but it will give you peace of mind so that should you need to access you work without your PC
you can still get hold of your files.

Creating a working ‘virtual’ office environment
Working from home gives increased flexibility to the workforce and can save money for a
business that is used to powering an office for many employees. The benefits do not have to
end there, however. An entirely virtual ‘office’ whereby meetings can be held online and all
paperwork is documented and shared online is now a possibility and means that people can
work together from all over the world in almost any location.

Virtual Phone System

Keep your system updated constantly
Re-booting your PC and installing software updates can be hugely time-consuming,
particularly for a business whose services are time-sensitive. If you are setting up a mobile
office then keeping your system updated on a regular basis will help you avoid these lengthy
re-boots. Anti-virus software is imperative if you are going to keep your information and
data secured so make sure you invest in a worthwhile product. Whether you are a  mobile
or office-based business, anti-virus software is an absolute must.


Travelling wisely
There are little extras you might want to consider if you are working from remote offsite
locations on a regular basis, especially if you cannot guarantee the power source you have
access to. If you need a portable printer or an alternative battery then spend the money
getting hold of one. It is good to know that these extras are there as and when you need
them. If there is a power surge then take a power cord with you. It is possible to work out
of a laptop case providing you pack wisely for your travels.

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