How Postcards can help keep your customers interested

In today’s day and age it is very difficult to 
keep your customer base loyal to you or wanting to still do business with you.

This is because the economic climate is such that people have very little extra money to spend and can’t throw their money on frivolous expenditures.

For non-essential products, the onus has been on companies to position their items as more essential or remind their customers why they need their products or services.

In times of economic hardship, businesses cannot rely on customer loyalty in the same way, because whilst customers might not go elsewhere, they might not come to you either!

Finding a way to keep customers interested and wanting to buy from you is important and one way
that you can do this is by sending out postcards.

Why Postcards Prove So Useful

Postcards are inexpensive to use and don’t take up an awful lot of space. They can display a large logo and some information or they can be quite plain with a discreet image that will remind the user of you.

They can be sent on to another person or pinned up on a noticeboard for all to see, thus increasing its visual impact. You can send them to new customers as well as existing customers and can give them some brief information about you and what you do in case they have forgotten or haven’t used you yet.

They can be standardised with the only variable being the customer’s name and address. Best yet, they can be ordered at short notice and sent on quickly, with savings being made on postage class if necessary. Promotional material can be great for generating business, if it is done well and with enough thought.


When To Send Your Postcards

Postcards can also be sent on a regular basis, so as not to bombard but to remind at key points throughout the year. They can be targeted so that the customer feels a sense of personalized service. If you have seasonal sales or seasonal offers then it might be a good idea to send your information at a time that ties in with the deals. This way you can guarantee that your customers have something to gain from your postcard and can use it in some way rather than toss it aside and forget about it.

Follow Up Your Postcards

Don’t let you information fall on deaf ears. Once you have sent the information to your customers, follow up your promotional campaign with a phone call to see that they have received it and that they are aware of the offer you were promoting.  If you don’t get some phone calls as a result of the postcard then your phone call should compound the message enough to increase business on the second round. Not everyone will be interested but you should find that if you do it well, the business you gain from the postcards will pay for the campaign and then some!


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