How CCTV systems have changed and developed over time

Many people think that CCTV systems are outdated and that they may not be the best solution to  meet
the security needs of many companies. The fact is that closed circuit television (CCTV) systems have
become much more advanced than they were during the 1960’s and 1970’s when they were first

The beginnings of CCTV systems
In the beginning, a closed circuit television system was incredibly simple. A camera
transmitted a signal to a monitor. This was hard wired to the camera and the picture
was often of very poor quality. A large area that was being monitored would need a
large number of cameras and, since a monitor was needed for each camera, a large
number of monitors were needed as well.

Even when systems were able to record what the cameras observed, the one camera
-one monitor system still made them very unwieldy. They were expensive to install
especially if the monitors were located at some distance from the camera as they
needed to have wires run to connect the two components.

Multiple cameras to one monitor
Now, it is possible to attach more than one camera to a monitor. This is only one of the changes that have
taken place which make it much easier to set up and utilize a CCTV system in a residential or commercial

It is now possible to transmit a signal from a camera to a monitor without running wires. One of the easiest
ways to do this is to broadcast the signal to an IP address. This makes it possible to log in and monitor what
the camera is able to see remotely. This can add a feeling of control or security even when someone is away
from the building.

It is also possible to move the camera around to view different areas. This can reduce the number of cameras
that need to be purchased. This can reduce the cost of installing a CCTV system in a home or business since
the amount of hardware can be reduced. Access Systems

Motion detection
Motion detectors can also help to make a CCTV system more versatile. Now, a camera may only begin recording
when motion is detected. If a camera is located in an area where there is little to no activity, it may be a waste
to record hours of inactivity. A motion activated CCTV system can be much more efficient and cost-effective.

Remote CCTV Monitoring
With the growth of broadband and remote internet access CCTV systems can be monitored remotely from a
central monitoring station or location. This has allowed CCTV systems to me monitored with 24hr coverage.

Only you will know which kind of CCTV will be right for your company and what your budget will be.
By knowing the features you need most you will be able to monitor and protect your home or business much
more effectively.

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