Guide to creating an effective Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

Since its launch back in the 1990s Microsoft PowerPoint
has been a key PowerPoint Trainingapplication in the creation and management of business presentations.

Over the years PowerPoint has evolved to replace the dull static
presentation with a new dynamic and informative one.
All the next features are there to help engage your audience and get your message or point across.

Getting the full benefit of Microsoft PowerPoint

The PowerPoint software has grown and developed over the years but many users still don’t understand how to get the full benefit of creating a PowerPoint presentation. Also people fall into the trap of placing too much information or trying to fit too many details onto a presentation.

I have listed below some useful information that can be used when designing or creating a presentation :

Use as a presentation aid

Remember the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is there to aid you in giving your presentation. It can be used to enhance the message rather then be the message. Sometimes you can get bogged down in the functionality of the presentation and trying to impress your peers or colleagues at how clever and creative you can be and lose the point you are trying to convey. 

Don’t Cram in too much

People often get carried away when preparing a presentation. They try to get in as much detail as they can to show their knowledge or thinking that the more the details the  better the presentation. All that will happen is that your audience will lose focus and interest. Remember the first point i.e. dont get bogged down in the details and just use the presentation to help focus on the key points.

Simple is best

Remember your presentation is not a competition to see who can create the most exciting and creative presentation ever seen. The golden rule is Keep it Simple. Only use the points that are relevant, use imagery only if it will improve the message, use a nice simple theme, dont use too many animations. At the end the presentation shouldn’t distract from what you have to say.

Give Handouts

It is always appreciated when you give out handouts of your Presentation. They should contain the key points used in your PowerPoint presentation and even copies of the slides, They can be useful for recapping of revising what was covered. There is some debate as to when you give handouts. This can be before or after the presentation. If you give out before the presentation you run the risk that people are focused on the handout as opposed to listening to your presentation.

Reherse your presentation

It is very important that you fully understand and are familiar with the content you are going to use in your presentation. You should make a few practice runs as you will get better at delivery and more fluid in the presentation the more you practice.

Creating and delivering a well structured and designed PowerPoint presentation will help in the effective delivery of your presentation and making it a more informative experience for your audience

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