Eco Homes: A Healthy Dwelling For Your Family

An eco-home is an energy efficient, environmental friendly, comfortable, durable, healthy house. It balances environmental performance for a high quality and safe life. In this modern era people are getting more and more inclined to a healthy house for their family. We provide beautiful eco friendly homes where you can dwell in highly engineered eternal environment warm feelings.

The eco homes that we construct for you are the pleasant dwellings that broaden its environmental potentials and reduce environmental impacts. The architecturally styled environmentally maintainable homes designed by us are no less in their luxury and sustainability.

We start building your eco home with proper planning, that includes designing, scheduling, budgeting and renewable of energy. Designing involves house layout, site layout, house specification. We take special care to maintain timescale and budget. The best feature of our eco home is use of energy renewable technology. The solar water heater system is a cost-effective way of heating water. Our wind turbines are the tools to use the air around us and generate electricity. We offer wood pellet stoves, an alternative instrument to heat your environment friendly home.

As a builder and supplier of eco homes we understand our responsibility towards the environment and your relation with it. We take care of four major elements of a green home during the construction of house.

Solar orientation: – We select the layout of the site and position of the eco home calculating the amount of energy you house will receive.

House design: – Our house designs involve the layout of the room, placement of windows to allow maximum possible solar energy.

House structure: – While building an eco friendly home, the important thing to be considered is the composition of walls and roof. We build well ventilated house by determining it passive status.

Technology: – The passive house requires less energy for heating. We use energy renewable technology in every eco home to make it self sufficient.

We build ecological homes to provide you not only a safe natural environment, but also an abode which can reduce your consumption of energy with its energy efficient technologies. You can visit our catalogue of home designs to select one for your convenience. We will be proud to provide you a healthy surrounding with our eco homes that lasts for generations. Turn your dream successfully into reality.