Creating Web Pages in Word


If you don’t have a web design program such as Adobe Dreamweaver to create web pages, you can use Microsoft Word to create web pages.  Of course, web pages created in Word don’t have the design and management capabilities as web design programs, but you can still create simple web pages.

Creating Web Pages in Word

Note:  There are several ways to create web pages in Word; the two most common are taught here.

Using the Web Page Wizard

1.  Click the File menu and click New from the menu that appears.

2.  In the new window that appears, click the Web Pages tab.

3.  Double-click Web Page Wizard and follow the Wizard’s directions.

Creating a Web Page From a Word Document

1.  Create the Word document as usual.

Tip:   To create a hyperlink, highlight the text you want to become a hyperlink, click the Insert menu and click Hyperlink from the menu that appears.

2.  When finished, click the File menu and click Save As Web Page… from the menu that appears.

3.  Enter a descriptive file name and select the proper directory you want to save in.  (Tip: Don’t put spaces in the file name.  If you need spaces in a file name, use an underscore instead.  The _ symbol.  It will separate the words without spaces.  Also, don’t create a folder on a web server with a space.  Again, just use an underscore.)

4.  Click the Change Title… button.

5.  In the window that appears, enter a title for the page.  (The title you enter will be in the title bar in the browser.  The title bar is the bar at the top of your screen with information such as the software and page title.)

6.  Click the Save button.