A fully integrated CCTV System for your Protection

As technology advances, the need to protect yourself and your property from petty acts of crimes and threats of burglary has become even more essential. There are many security system options available in the market today, one of which is the CCTV system.

CCTV system or Closed Circuit Television systems
CCTV systems or Closed Circuit Television systems are a modern day technology that enables you to monitor the presence and activities of people in your vicinity, as it sends video and audio signals to a specific connected monitor or monitors. Due to its simple installation process and its ability to transmit live record or recorded video, CCTV system makes an excellent security tool for homes and places of work.

CCTV systems are ideal for commercial and public places, such as shops and restaurants, as well as for residential. The system will record captured shots that can be zoomed in to make the images clearer and more recognizable, should the need to correctly identify a criminal caught on tape arise. Opportunist burglars are less likely to execute their plans, once they know that they are being monitored through the CCTV.

For business use
For office and corporate use, CCTV is a great tool to monitor and observe behaviors of the respective employees. You can make sure that employees do their job properly, even when the boss or owner isn’t around. This helps your effort, as business owners, to save time and money.

For shop owners
For shop owners, you can install hidden camera to help catch shoplifters. Due to its compact size, the CCTV can be easily installed anywhere. The recorded images, should an act of crime happened, can be used as evidence against the shoplifter. This should help make prosecution procedure faster and simpler.


For homeowners, you can install CCTV cameras around the house. Crimes and threats against a property sometimes happen within the premises. Therefore, CCTV footage should help prevent and track down the perpetrators, as the system keeps the area under constant surveillance. One recommended place to have the CCTV cameras installed is the entrance, in this case, your front gate. This will make monitoring those who want to enter the premises easier. The combination of installing CCTV and electric gates will offer even greater level of protection to your home security.

To ensure a maximum protection for the whole property, get a fully integrated CCTV system that comes with an access control system and high resolution cameras. That way, using this state of the art recording equipment, any potential intruders and criminals can be effectively and permanently recorded.

Some things in life may be beyond our control. However, we can prevent crimes from happening in the first place by installing a CCTV system. For all the benefits that the system has to offer, using CCTV system at home and business places have now become the need of the hour.

We design and tailor all systems to clients’ individual needs.
All CCTV installations comply with international standards and are fully insured.

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