8 Great online resources for managing your employee’s

Scheduling employees over multiple shifts is a headache. Revisions to schedules with call-in’s alone can create problems covering all the tasks to be done and create a downward income shift quickly. Web based software is available in general formats that can adjust to a variety of business types and those specific to certain industries. Some are designed for large corporations and others for small businesses.

1. GoAssign

GoAssign is a great choice for any business working multiple shifts, particularly if shifts and assignments rotate – restaurants, day care facilities, nursing homes, 24/7 businesses. If changes need to be made or new assignments communicated quickly to multiple staff members, basic spreadsheets don’t offer much in convenience. GoAssign is a web based service that eliminates headaches with a valuable selection of features. A professional service, they work with you to develop a unique application that meets your specific needs. Here’s a partial list:

  • Create teams/shifts – adding and deleting as needed
  • Delegate team/shift member schedules and tasks
  • Exchange team/shift member assignments
  • Notify team/shift members via SMS or email
  • Add tasks and assignments
  • Receive confirmations when team/shift members get their schedules and assignments


2. Otipo

In basic calendar format, web based, Otipo, has employee log-in capability, which allows them to indicate their availability and check their scheduled shifts. User friendly, this online service for scheduling will meet the needs of most organizations where shift work is the norm. Users can design their own charts (intuitive package is pre-loaded for customization) or use the Otipo templates designed with specific types of businesses in mind such as call centers, hotels, or restaurants. Managers can sort shift data by employee.  www.otipo.com

3. ShiftPlanning

Designed for organizations who manage large numbers of employees, Shift Planning utilizes cloud computing, making it user friendly even for those aren’t technically confident. Free for the first three months, it also has premium options. Hospitals, call centers, restaurants, hotels, and any 24/7 shift-based businesses can benefit from its drag-and-drop interface. Shift Planning supports access via smart phones which are web connected. Connections to Google Calendar, iCal, and other popular calendars are included.

Employee benefits include the accessibility of their shift info through their own dashboard account. User levels are assigned by management. Employees can view their performance evaluations, check available shifts and schedules, and post their availability. Employees can request vacation time and manage shift trades. Karma scores are available to both employee and manager, reporting attendance and other performance standards.

Management benefits include unlimited scheduling plus easy access to employee information – contact info, Karma scores, scheduling conflicts, employee availability, and time off requests. Other management functions include export and print reports, collate and print statistical reports, manage simple accounting functions.             www.shiftplanning.com

4. RotaBoard

Similar in design to a large erase board, RotaBoard is a very user-friendly schedule maker for individuals (e.g. students dealing with course changes and schedules) as well as organizations with shift work. Drag-and-drop interface design creates, tracks, and prints overall shift information and employee specific shift info. Routine weekly schedules and unique schedules such as holidays, overtime, and continuing education can be coordinated. Managers can add an unlimited number of staff members, send them notifications, and share schedules online. Payable worked hours by employee can be viewed easily.       www.rotaboard.com

5. FindMyShift

A web based scheduling application, FindMyShift offers the flexibility to view and update schedules from any location through direct editing. With drag-and-drop technology users can make entries, text staff, monitor daily costs, and print reports. The user has the option to utilize the template reports or download schedule data in Excel or HTML files. FindMyShift includes fee accounts with one week forward and one week backward in addition to their paid accounts. It is simple to get started in the system with no downloads or files to install.


6. WhosOff

WhosOff, a web based application, assists organizations manage shift schedules. Managers can sort and view time-off dates by employee, shift, teams, departments, days, months, years. A free service, there is no limit on the number of people on the schedule.  One extra feature that managers like is the ability to set restrictions for staffing to insure adequate skill levels and expertise on all shifts.                     www.whosoff.com

7. Onyaka

Onyaka staff scheduling online is quick and easy to initiate. With nothing to install or download, you open an account and begin to set up your schedules. After you register, their simplified control panel leads you through the process. Project management, employee schedules, and assignments are managed through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Organized in calendar fashion, Onyaka has an auto feature that generates staff rosters based not only on availability but skill sets.         apps.onyaka.com

8. HRLocker

HRLocker, much like staff scheduling tools, is an employee management web based service that tracks employee requests for leave time, letting them choose dates and send notifications to their managers. Employee forms can be signed via electronic signatures, uploaded, and stored in the company’s account. Through the TimeOff feature, managers can view statistics on each employee including:

  • leave time – available, taken, requested
  • time reports with time sheets
  • contact and other personal information, such as birthdays,
  • probation periods, performance reviews, and review dates (with auto notification)
  • employment terms and salary history

Small business owners will find the free package, which authorizes management of up to three (3) employees with 0.5 GB of storage space workable, accessible, and helpful.



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