5 Business advantages of a Vehicle Tracking System

As the management of your business assets becomes critical
in these difficult economic times, more and more business
are investing in a vehicle or asset tracking system to assist them in this purpose.

How do vehicle tracking systems work?
A tracking device is located inside a vehicle. This has a built in GPS receiver that picks up the GPS coordinates or vehicle’s location. This device then communicates with a central computer or server that is maintained by the company. This server uses software which records where the GPS devices are broadcasting from and can put together a picture or record of where the vehicle has traveled during the day and which routes they used along with other info from the vehicle.

So what are the key business advantages for using a vehicle or asset tracking system

Fleet Management
A large vehicle is an expensive asset that will loose value or depreciate over time and use. Using a vehicle tracking system will record where a vehicle travels, how long it takes on their assigned routes and whether there were any delays or issues. Using this knowledge a business can plan ways to make a vehicle’s route much more efficient. Doing so can help minimize fuel consumption of a vehicle fleet, help reduce delivery times and improve customer needs. They can also see exactly where their vehicles are at all times and make quick changes to plans if required.

Fuel management
Along with labour costs, Fuel costs are a huge cost factor to be considered in running your business.
Managing the driving pattern of the vehicle and even the most optimum route to take for the journey can create substantial savings on fuel usage.  A vehicle tracking system will monitor the driving performance of the vehicle and the planning of the vehicle journeys to minimise journey times and resulting fuel costs.

Employee management
With the high cost of labour being a major overhead a vehicle tracking system will assist in the daily management of staff and their vehicles.  Some systems have built in two way communications that allow direct contact between the central office and staff on the road.

Customer Support and service
A business is able to tell exactly where their vehicles are located and what the status of any
delivery or service call would be at any given moment. If there are likely to be any delays,
it is possible to contact a client and notify them so as to situation thus maintaining a
relationship with the customer. Also with journey planning you can make more
journeys in a given day and a customer can run their business knowing
that stock will be delivered when required.

Stolen Vehicle location
If you are unfortunate enough to have a vehicle stolen the vehicle tracking system can
be used to locate the vehicle for recovery. Some systems even have an “emergency
button” option that when activated sends an alert back to the head office that can be dealt with.


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