16 essential tools for helping you in backing up your important Business information

Today an average Business has seen an large Website-Development
increase in the volume of data they hold.

Its estimated that since 2002 the growth in data storage requirements
has increase by approx 80% plus the even increasing speeds of access,
Also data is increasingly becoming more important in
terms of the value in terms of assets of a company, and losing
this data can cause problems for an business.

Its important to backup your data and ensure its secure, we have assembled a list
of 16 Essential tools for assisting you in this important task of backing
up your important business information.

1. Backup maker
2. Fbackup
3. Datasafe
4. Karen’s Replicator
5. Comodo Backup
6. Cobian backup
7. XXCopy
8. Robocopy
9. Areca Backup
10. GFI Backup
11. Ocster
12. Toucan
13. FileHamster
14. Crashplan
15. Yadis! Backup
16. CFBackup

Our Data Backup service

We can help you backup and protect your important business data with our online data backup service.
Your data will be encrypted and stored in our secure data centre and can be accessed online at any time.

We offer a full data backup and storage service which starts at €12 per month incl VAT.

Online Data Backup packages include

  • Automatic or Scheduled backups
  • Incremental backups
  • Data Fully encrypted
  • Covers Desktops, Laptops and servers
  • Data centre security
  • Custom configuration

See more details of this service here:

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