10 Dependable ways of remotely accessing your desktop

Imagine yourself starting and stopping a video conversation, or uploading and downloading huge files online, or just do anything while away from your PC.

This has been made possible through the virtual network computing or VNC. It is a technology that allows you to gain access to your PC from any device that has the Internet connection all over the globe.

There are various VNC solutions available that can be use for different platforms, including Linux and iPhone. The range of its coverage differs in terms of its cost. Some of these solutions will cost a flat one-time purchase, some are free, and some has recurring monthly fees.

Here is a list of ten dependable VNC solutions that can help you escape your office desk. You will just need to have an internet-ready device to get it started.

  1. GoToMyPC
    After downloading GoToMyPC to your device, it automatically installs, launches, and configures itself without restarting your device. All data in your PC is secured with a 128-bit AES encryption. You can copy, cut and paste among devices or computers, as well as gaining access and printing documents from or to your computer. Moreover, you can invite someone to view or share PC controls temporarily from anywhere around the globe. The price for this solution is $9.95 per month.
  2. LogMeIn
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    LogMeIn is a heavyweight in the VNC world. It has been remotely connecting people to their PCs for quite some time already. Their service extends across all platforms. It works on any device. To display your home PC, you will need to log in to their site. You may then start using it; copying documents to and from your devices or computers and taking control over your PC as if you were in front of it. You can also use their iPhone app. Their services are available for both free and paid. Its price is $0, $12.95 per month, and $29.99 for the iPhone app.

  3. Apple Remote Desktop
    Apple Remote Desktop is designed for managing numerous desktops in one network. It is typically used in offices and schools. It is used for checking up your network’s activity. It has a Dashboard widget which allows you to view instantly the remote desktops on your network. It also has a Remote Drag and Drop ability which allows you to move files among the computers on your network. It also allows you to copy and paste data among your computers. It gives you the ability to track users of your computer through the user history report. It saves data of all the users of your computer when they logged in, logged out, and gained access to it. The price for a ten system license is $299, for unlimited system is $499, and $79.99 for Mac Apps.
  4. Windows Remote Desktop
    For Windows users, the Remote Desktop allows you to gain access to your computer over the Internet from almost any computer. It provides full control over your mouse and keyboard while displaying all your computer’s activities on the screen. This solution is free.
  5. iTeleport
    iTeleport is for those who cannot survive without their iPhones and iPads. It provides full control over any Mac PC or device. The intuitive touch interface, easy one-time setup, and running your PC at the palm of your hand makes it very adorable. It costs $24.99.
  6. Chicken of the VNC
    The Chicken of the VNC is a lightweight and fast client for OSX. This is for those who need something that works without whistles and fancy bells. The price is also hard-pressed to beat; it is free.
  7. Screens
    Screens provide total VNC capability to any iOS device. It is fun to use and user-friendly. It is a universal app that runs on iPhones and iPads. It also interacts well with Windows, Linux, and OSX devices. The price is $19.99.
  8. iTap Mobile
    iTap Mobile is another tough item for iDevice that offers VNC capability. It enables you to gain access to your home computer from your iPhone or iPad. The iTap’s capability to control your home PC over Wi-Fi, EDGE, and 3G is a great advantage. It costs $11.99.
  9. RealVNC
    RealVNC is a specialized solution for remote accessibility. It allows you to interact and see you computer’s applications anywhere you are located. This software comes with a widespread user base for personal use and even large companies. Certainly, it is almost good enough for a $30 price per personal license.
  10. TeamViewer
    TeamViewer is multi-purpose desktop sharing software. It handles it all: screen sharing, remote access, and controlling a computer from anywhere around the world. Whatever business you are in, TeamViewer is an easy and most useful thing for you. All these for the price of free.
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