Why your Business should consider remote CCTV monitoring

When you are investing in security for your business one of the issues might be to have a real time presence on site to monitorCCTV monitoring system and protect your assets. There can be huge financial costs involved in hiring staff to maintain constant monitoring. Another option that can be considered is installing a remote CCTV monitoring system.

How a remote CCTV system works
A Remote CCTV system uses a number of cameras to capture real time video footage and feed these to a recording device or central monitoring location.  Basic systems that are only monitoring a small area may use a single camera. Larger systems may be more complex and are set up so that multiple cameras can operate in order to cover a larger area. The video footage from the CCTV system is monitored in a central location by an operator who can react to any unusual situations.

Features that you may want to look for in this type of CCTV system
There are a range of different cameras that have a variety of features that can be used in the system.
Having a look at some of these features will help you choose which is right for your business.

One of the features to look at is wireless capability. This gives you a more flexible
system as you dont have to lay wires from the cameras to the central recording device.
This can also make it easier for you to expand a system once the layout of a building has been completed.
You just need to make sure that if you are using wireless cameras that they can transmit
clearly back to the central system.

You also may want to consider a motion activated camera system.
This is a good feature if you are using a CCTV system in a location where there are periods of inactivity.
This can help reduce the amount of recorded data that you will need to review in the event that a crime is committed.

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If you are using a system in a dark conditions you want to make sure that you use light sensitive
cameras that is capable of recording in very dark conditions. These can be a bit more expensive
than standard CCTV cameras but they are worthwhile if you need maximum recording capability.

Why choose a remote monitoring system?
You may want to consider a remotely monitored CCTV system to ensure maximum security.
This means that you have a person watching a number of monitors where the video footage from
your CCTV system is being broadcast.

This central monitoring is usually located off premises. Unlike a system where the signal is recorded
and then reviewed in the event that a crime has occurred, a remotely monitored system is usually
monitored on a continuous basis. If something happens, security personnel can respond in an appropriate fashion.

You want to make sure that the external monitoring company you choose with can provide you a good service at an affordable price.You can also choose to have your in-house security staff monitoring the system and responding if there are any problems.
Only you will know which alternative is right for your company.

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