Why upgrade your website to a next generation website?

Do you need to upgrade your old static website to a new next generation dynamic website?

If you have a business website, then you Screens-Small
need to ensure it has features that are necessary to ensure your online success 2013

With more purchases now being made exclusively online today you need a website that has certain features to participate effectively in this  new and fast growing area.

Here are the main features we recommend

First of all you need to have a dynamic website that has fresh and up-to-date content as today’s online consumers
are searching for the latest product information. Old stale content on your website will turn them away, so ensure you have a content management interface that allows non technical members of your staff update your website so that your website has the latest information and frequent updates that keeps your customers engaged and come back for more.

If you have to pay someone to update your website, then you probably have a static website so you should consider Website upgrading.

Is your website Accessible to all your customers

Today more and more internet users are using mobile internet and are on the move, IE: using Smartphones or tablets to access the internet. These new mobile users still expect the same experience they have got when they visited your website in the past. so ensure your website is Smartphone Friendly and can be accessed on these new portable devices

Ensure your website has Social Media integration

Allowing your visitors share your offers and their positive experiences with their peers will open your brand up to a much wider audience, as Forester research reports a positive buying experience will be shared with 150 people on social web so ensure your website has Social Media integration features included.

You also need a website that updates itself with the latest software and features

Lot of websites today are built on top of platforms like WordPress; these platforms are constantly evolving and growing so you benefit from the Army of developers who provide their services for free to help develop the platform. There is also a plethora of Free plugins and extensions available to extend its functionality, so ensure your website is extendible and is future proof.


In Short:
To summarise everything , you need a website that you or your immediate staff can control content wise, is accessible to everyone no matter what device they are using to connect to the internet, its also compatible with all of the latest social media channels, allows your customers share your offers, can notify the search engines automatically each time you update it,
is extendable and can grow as your business grows.

The solution
Next generation websites are solution to all of these requirements:

How to upgrade your website
Our associates over at Next generation websites offer a number of choices and provide a complete service that can help you upgrade your website to

Next Generation websites

the next generation of websites that have all of these features and more included at really competitive rates.

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