Under floor Heating Systems

Under floor heating systems, which are used widely in modern world, have a history going back to even Romans. Although the main reason to use under floor heating at those times was only providing evenl heat distribution in the houses, today there is a longer list of reasons:

1. Cost Saving: Under floor heating systems can save you 15-40% of your home heating costs due to their effective heating capability. And also because of using water at a lower temperature (50o) the energy need will be less.

2. Environmental concerns: Under floor heating systems achieve the same results as conventional radiator systems at lower water temperatures. Thus, you will consume less fuel and your carbon emission will reduce.

3. Home interior design: Using under floor heating systems, you will not lose space in your home because of ugly looking radiators or other heating elements and you will have decoration freedom in your house. You won’t have to place your furniture paying attention to the locations of heating elements.

4. Comfort: Under floor heating systems will provide an equal heat distribution in your house. So, your entire house will be heated to the same comfortable temperature. In a conventional heating system the warmest place of your house will be the points close to the ceiling, in other words the places where you do not even reach but in under floor heating systems as heat will be emitted from the floor and air will be rising as it heats, the warmest place of your house will be the floor and the air in the room will get cooler at points above a typical person’s height. Also, extra humidification needs will be less when compared to traditional heating systems.

5. Safety: As there will be no heated elements throughout the house, the risk of injuries due to touching hot metals will be eliminated. This is a very important reason particularly for families having children.

6. Maintenance: Under floor heating systems require less maintenance. If piping is applied without joints, they can have an economic of up to 100 years. On the other hand, your home maintenance needs and costs caused by radiators will be eliminated. There will be no change in wall colour or deformation in wall papers because of direct heat from radiators or furnaces.

7. Possibility to use with ‘greener’ boilers: Under floor heating systems use water at a lower temperature. This makes them suitable to use with high-efficiency condensing boilers and biomass boilers and even solar water heaters.

8. Control: In some systems, each room has a separate control system. Each room can be heated to your required temperature.

9. Hygiene: Allergens found in the home, such as dust mites and general airborne particles are often spread by the central heating system, which moves the air around. Under floor heating does not cause that much air circulation and it reduces particles moving that cause breathing problems.


How do these systems work?

Hot water is circulated through pipes or tubes that are embedded under the house floor which is then covered with the decorative flooring of your choice. The hot water to be circulated is supplied by the boiler or solar water heater.


Cost for an under floor heating system, at first sight, can be higher than a typical central heating system but they are more economical in the long run as they can provide a cost reduction in heating expenses up to 40%. Although, it is not possible to give an exact price for a complete under floor heating system without knowing your needs, €35 / m2 can be given as a rough estimate. For a detailed quotation for your under floor heating needs you can contact Futura Energy having ten years of experience in under floor heating system installation all around Ireland.

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