Top three mistakes companies make with ecommerce Website Design

Many companies are turning to website design that 
incorporates ecommerce functionality.

It seems like it should be fairly simple.
All they need to do is decide which products to sell
and put up a few pictures and then they can sit back
and watch the revenues come in. Unfortunately,
this has led to the failure of many ecommerce sites.

Here are some of the top mistakes that companies
make when it comes to ecommerce website design.

They do not make their site easy to navigate
Many companies make it very difficult for customers to find their products.
They either do not have a functioning menu that allows customers to find
specific products or they make that menu very difficult to find. If customers
do not have a clear path to the items that they are looking for they are
unlikely to spend a lot of time looking for them. This means that you will
end up losing potential customers to your competition and this can lead to
the failure of an ecommerce site much more rapidly than you may think possible.

One possible fix for this problem is to
include a search feature in your website design.
By providing a way for customers to get directly
to specific items you will make your website design
much more efficient and this can help you get the
kind of revenue you have been hoping for.

They do not have a fully functioning shopping cart or payment solution
When trying to entice customers to purchase goods online
your website design has to include a fully functional shopping
cart and payment solution.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to select products
and finding it impossible to do so. It can cause you to lose customers
very quickly and again, this can cause an ecommerce website to fail.
You also need to make sure that once the customers have found the
products they are looking for that they can check out and pay as quickly as possible.

If you ensure that your shopping cart and payment areas are easy to find,
simple to use and functioning properly you can quickly increase the
amount of revenue that your site is bringing in.

Customers cannot get a clear idea of what the items look like
Customers want to be able to tell what they are purchasing
before they are willing to pay for it. You need to make sure that
you are using a combination of clear, crisp photographs and descriptions
give your customers a clear idea of what they will be paying for.

Be sure to include measurements and any options that a customer
can choose from. Consider grouping like items together
to make them easy for customers to compare.

In the past, when digital photography was just getting
established it was more acceptable for the images to look grainy or unclear.
This has changed. Digital photography has progressed so far that there
is no reason why an ecommerce website design cannot include high quality photographs.
By addressing these three top mistakes relating to ecommerce website design
it becomes much more likely that your site will be a success
and generate the kind of revenue you have been looking for.


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